IBNA- Sigrid Lotfi, the German translator of the monumental Persian novel ‘Kelidar’ by Mahmoud Dowlatabadi passed away yesterday.
German translator of ‘Kelidar’ passes away
According to IBNA correspondent, she married 60 years ago with Mohammad Hassan Lotfi (PhD), the Iranian scholar and translator of books on philosophy, in her country Germany then immigrated to Iran. Mr. Lotfi studied law at the University of Göttingen and was the translator of Plato’s works into Persian. He died in 1999.
As well as ‘Kelidar’, Sigrid Lotfi translated ‘Missing Soluch’ the other novel by Dowlatabadi which was published by Union Publication in Zurich in 1991. She also translated the famed novel ‘the Neighbors’ by Ahmad Mahmoud.
A memorial service will be held for Sigrid Lotfi in her house in Za'feranyeh, Tehran on Thursday.
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