IBNA- The researcher and programmer of the House of Latin America in Iran Hamid Shahrabi said that this center is going to publish a book ‘The Contemplations of Fidel Castro’ featuring the political articles of the former Cuban leader.
The House of Latin America in Iran will publish two books
Speaking to IBNA correspondent, Shahrabi further explained that this book includes 45 notes and articles written by Fidel Castro both on the domestic issues of Cuba and international affairs and it will be published on the birth anniversary of the former Cuban Leader.
“The House of Latin America in Iran is a center which is aiming at boosting relations between the Iranian people and those of the Latin America,” he asserted.
The other book which will be published by The House of Latin America in cooperation with the campaign of solidarity between Iran and Cuba considers the international political situation and relations which considers the latest developments in the countries such as Ukraine, Syria, Iraq, Venezuela and so on.
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