The reprint of ‘Big Mama's Funeral’ by Gabriel García Márquez has been released in Iran holding Ghasem San'avi’s translation.
Márquez in Iran with
IBNA: ‘Big Mama's Funeral’ (original Spanish-language title: Los funerales de la Mamá Grande), a long short story, is a satirical commentary on Latin American life and culture by Gabriel García Márquez. 

It displays the exaggeration associated with magic realism. Most of the place names mentioned come from Colombia. "Big Mama" herself is an exaggeration of the 'cacique' (political boss), a familiar figure in Latin American history and tradition. 

‘Big Mama's Funeral’ is mentioned in García Márquez's famous novel ‘One Hundred Years of Solitude’ soon after Melquiades' death, an example of the author's tendency to tie together his literary work. 

In the book, we are told the story of the death and funeral of Big Mama. In the events of her life and the days preceding and proceeding her death we find events and stories of the past that are truly fantastical. 

The book’s Persian rendition holds other stories by the writer as well namely ‘Tuesday Siesta’, ‘Balthazar's Marvelous Afternoon’, ‘One of These Days’, ‘One Day After Saturday’, ‘Artificial Roses’, ‘Montiel's Widow’, ‘There Are No Thieves in This Town’ and ‘Big Mama's Funeral’.

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