Ten short stories written by illustrious Iranian author Mahmud Dowlatabadi have recently been republished in Iran.
Dowlatabadi’s Short Stories Republished
IBNA: Gathered in a collection titled ‘The Sepanj Report Card’, the book holds several stories including ‘The Trip’, ‘Baluch Meeting’, ‘Bashbiro’, ‘Gavareban’, ‘Finials and Shadows’, ‘From the Curve of Destiny’, ‘Biabani and Leave’, ‘Aqil, Aqil’, ‘The Legend of Baba Sobhan’ and ‘Misery and Mirror’. 

The work is published by Negah Publications in Iran. 

The stories were written from 1962 to 1975 during the early years of Dowlatabadi’s career. 

Born in 1940, short-story writer and novelist Dowlatabadi was the most prominent Iranian novelist of the 1980s. Self-educated and forced to work from childhood, he spent part of his younger adult years as a stage actor in Tehran. 

‘The Colonel’, ‘Kalidar’, ‘Desert Strata’, ‘The Trip’, ‘The Legend of Baba Sobhan’, ‘Missing Soluch’ are among his credits. 

‘The Colonel’ has not been released in Iran yet however it is available in German, English and Italian. The work has been nominated for several literary prizes so far including the Man Booker Prize.
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