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‘Creditors’ due in autumn

10 Sep 2013 - 12:20

‘Creditors’, a famous play written by August Strindberg, which was released in Paris holding Javad Atefeh’s translation, will be marketed in Iran in autumn.

IBNA: Iranian translator Javad Atefeh said that he had translated the play last year for a theatre group in Paris who decided to publish it. 

"August Strindberg is one of the most illustrious and impressive playwrights. ‘Creditors’ is about the life of artists which is set in the beginnings of the 20th century," Atefeh added. 

‘Creditors’ is a naturalistic tragicomedy which was written in Swedish during August and September 1888 in Denmark. 

The Iranian translator said: "The work will be released in Iran. Strindberg is currently being introduced in Iran’s theatre universities. However his books, particularly his prose, have not been rendered into Persian; accordingly I decided to release the work in Iran as well." 

"2012 marked the 100th anniversary of Strindberg's death (1849-1912). I attended his commemoration, which was held in Sweden, in which I presented my translations of his ‘The Father’, as ‘The Ghost Sonata’ and ‘Creditors’," he added. 

"My translations were approved and registered by the ‘Strindberg Museum’ (dedicated to the writer August Strindberg and located in his last dwelling). If the Museum’s Board of Trustees approves the translations of Strindberg’s works, they will be registered," Atefeh noted. 

Iranian Afraz Publications has recently released Atefeh’s translation of ‘Pariah’ and ‘The Stronger’. 

"Moreover the Persian renditions of ‘To Damascus’, ‘The Dance of Death’, ‘Master Olof’ and ‘Miss Julie’ will be released respectively. I am currently working on Strindberg’s novels," he added. 

The Persian rendition of ‘Creditors’ will be released in Iran in autumn.

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