Numismatics of Late Sasanian Kings written by Amin Amini makes a historical survey of currency and numismatics during the Sasanian era.
Book on Sasanian Numismatics published
IBNA: The book Numismantics of Late Sasanian Kings makes a survey of one of the most crucial epochs of Iranian history.

The book is organized in three chapters: “General View of Latest Sasanian Coins”, “The Last Sasanian Kings”, and “The Interregnum Period”.

The first chapter includes general issues like numismatic studies, a collection of the Sasanian mints and introduction of new ones that are discussed under the headings ‘Date Inscription in Sasanian Coins’, ‘City – The Place of Sasanian Mints’, and ‘Abridged Named of Mints in Latest Sasanian Coins’.

The second chapter offers a history of nine Sasanian kings whose reigns and spans of life are recorded on the coins, including Hurmoz V, Ardesheer III, Qobad II, Bouran, Khosrow III, Hurmoz VI, Azarmeidokht, Khosrow IV, and Yazdgerd III.

The last chapter then provides and conclusion and the events following the death of Yazdgerd that affected the functioning of mints.

The research method is based on numismatic documents and their historical context and finally the author has estimated the lifespan of each Sasanian king based on numismatic analyses. The book also features pictures of the analyzed coins.

The first print of ‘Numismatics of Late Sasanian Kings’ written by Amin Amini is published in 200 pages and 1000 copies by Pazineh Publications.
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