Bahram Ala al-Dini has recently finished authoring Cuprous Iranian Coins; Currency under dynasties from Safavid to Qajar in English and Persian. The work encompasses 300 entries of the coins used as currency under various dynasties in Iran’s history from the Safavid era to the Qajars.
Book reviews cuprous coins in Iran
IBNA: Speaking with IBNA, Reza Ebrahimi Nejad, photography and arts advisor of the book, stated that the book is presented in English and Persian to address readers of the two languages.

Each entry of the book provides a picture of the coins, their size, weight and the region they were used, he added. Besides, information about their design and the data conveyed in each one have also been garnered for each of the considered coins.

As he said, coins were minted with various metals to be used for different purposes and places. For example, gold coins were used in royal transactions while cuprous coins were mostly used by common citizens and were struck with pictures of sun or lion. Some, however, were offered with relief pictures of different animals like poultry, sheep, peacocks, sheep, horses and rabbits which indicated the place where the coin was made.

The book’s first release will be marketed by Yasavoli Publishing Company in Iran. It is arranged in 170 pages and 3,000 of its copies have been published.
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