The 72nd birthday of distinguished Iranian writer Mahmoud Dowlatabadi will be celebrated this Thursday.
Dowlatabadi’s birthday to be celebrated
IBNA: The session will be held on the occasion of the 72nd birth anniversary of Mahmoud Dowlatabadi.
During the session figures including Amir Hassan Cheheltan and Asadullah Amraei will deliver speeches. 

Born in 1940, short-story writer and novelist Dowlatabadi was the most prominent Iranian novelist of the 1980s. Self-educated and forced to work from childhood, he spent part of his younger adult years as a stage actor in Tehran. 

Since he began writing in the 1960s, Dowlatabadi has published over ten novels as well as a number of novellas, short story collections, and plays. His first story, "The End of the Night," was published in 1962 in the Anahita Literary Magazine. His writing combines the poetic tradition of his culture with the everyday speech of the villages. 

“Kalidar”, “Desert Strata”, “The Trip”, “The Legend of Baba Sobhan”, “The Cowherd”, “Aqil”, “Man” and “Missing Soluch” are among Dowlatabadi’s credits.
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