The third print of ‘Nowhere and Violence’ including speeches and interviews with Karl Popper in Persian is released.
Karl Popper’s book reaches third print in Iran
IBNA: Popper is a favorite philosopher by Iranians and the interest is revealed by the number of books published on him in Persian – something about 15 titles in the last few years. 

Khosrow Naghed and Rahman Afshari, translators of these materials, have discussed the Iranian reception of Popper’s thought and a survey of translations of the Austrian philosopher in Iran. They believe that Popper’s books are converted to Persian quite later than to other languages - the first one being The Poverty of Historicism. 

The translators believe that Karl Popper is overemphasized in Iran and his works have rather more purchasers than real readers. As the translators stress, the ideas of Popper are misunderstood in Iran and has even become the site of personal and political debates between opposing parties so much so that his thought is sometimes mistaken with liberalism. 

“Nowhere and Violence” begins with Khosrow Naghed’s lengthy article on Popper’s worldview and ideology. It contains a biography of the philosopher and introduction to his thought and impact. 

The book includes five essays and dialogues on violence, knowledge and ignorance, sources of cognition, freedom, justice, and security. 

An article by Hans Albert on Critical Rationalism is also brought in the appendix. And a bibliography of Popper comes at the end of the book. 

The third print of Karl Popper’s “Nowhere and Violence” is published by Jahan-e Ketab in 550 copies and 202 pages.
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