Mehdi Parsa translates Simon Critchley’s “Levinas and Post-deconstructive Subjectivity” into Persian. In this book Critchley compares the ideas of Levinas and Lacan by offering an ethical subject that can stand against Heidegger’s death of the subject.
Simon Critchley
Simon Critchley
IBNA: Parsa informed IBNA that the book is a collection of articles by Simon Critchley. In this book Critchley compares some ideas of Levinas and Lacan and then offers a new concept of subjectivity that could be regarded as post-Heideggerian. In fact Critchley tends to elicit an ethical subject, he added. 

He added: “Critchley also makes a comparison of the notion of ‘trauma’ in Freud and Lacan and finds it equivalent to Levinas’s concept of the other. The equivalence then results in an ethical subject.” 

Parsa continued: “Heidegger had declared the end of subjectivism and death of the subject, whereas Critchley finds a new concept of the subject in the thoughts of Levinas and Lacan. He believes that the new subject is ethical.” 

“After the death of the subject as Heidegger had claimed, it was assumed that there will be no reference for decisions and making choices any more. Therefore, many critics accepted the relativist viewpoint where the subject is absent and so there will be no distinction between things. The subject here means the one that can choose.” 

He went on to explain that the new ethical subject frees us from relativism. The book will be released by Rokhdad-e No Publications. 

Parsa has also translated “Deconstructing Hegel”, a collection of articles by Derrida and others on this philosopher; the book is submitted for publication license.
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