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As Tough as Iron 5: Fathi Shaqaqi

28 Apr 2012 - 16:44

Founder of the Palestinian Islamic Jihad, Fathi Shaqaqi, is considered in the 5th volume of the As Tough as Iron series published by Alhoda International Publications in English and Arabic.

IBNA: Shaqaqi’s political activities and thinking together with a brief review of his life are collected in the volume.

Arranged in 7 parts the book deals with Fathi’s childhood, adolescence, political life, martyrdom, beliefs and thinking, publications and the Islamic Jihad Movement.

According to the book, “Fathi came from the first generation of immigrants to the occupied Palestine. Until 1984 when Palestine was officially occupied, his family lived in the Zarnouqa village near Yaffa. His father was the prayer leader of Zarnouqa Mosque, a poorly paid worker. Each year more Palestinian lands were occupied by Israel and as the result, more families were displaced. Fathi’s family was forced to move to Gaza. Thus Fathi Ibrahim Abdulaziz Alshaqaqi Rafah was born in the refugee camp in 1951. Fathi was the elder brother of the family. He took the responsibility of taking care of other children of the family. When he was 15 years old he lost his mother and this duty became even heavier. Often he missed his mother and this nostalgia remained with him until the end of his life.”

In 1968, he joined the Islamic movement in Palestine. His political thinking began when he entered Egypt to study and practice medicine.

To bolster and disseminate his political ideas, he began writing books about them. Because of his deep affection towards Ezedin Qassam, he adopted some nicknames based on Qassam’s name in his works like Izz din-Ibrahim or Izz din-Al Faras.

In 1968, forces of the Zionist regime arrested Shaqaqi with illegal weapons transfer charges and sentenced his to 4 years of imprisonment. The regimes determination to keep an iron grip on Shaqaqi’s thinking failed and he kept on disseminating his ideas. Thus he was expelled to Lebanon. From there, Dr. Shaqaqi went to the neighboring countries like Aljeria and Syria.

Finally, in October 1995, Mossad agents assassinated him in Malta.

As Tough as Iron 5 is compiled by Fatemeh Vafaie Zadeh.

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