'The Wolves Return' includes 12 short stories by German writers, like Paul Ernst, Günter Eich, and Thomas Bernhard that Kamal Behrouznia has converted into Persian.
IBNA: The volume includes a selection of short stories by German writers written in various literary styles. The stories are chosen in a way to familiarize the readers with good samples of German literature as well as to make them enjoy the stories.
The book introduces eight German writers: Heinrich Boll (Nobel Prize winner), dramatist Paul Ernst, Ernst Kreuder (who regarded realistic writing as humiliating literary art), Günter Eich (who took a realistic approach to description and analysis of war), Ursula Wolfel (pioneer of a new realistic approach to children's literature) and Thomas Bernhard (whose mysterious stories are inspired by Heidegger's and Wittgenstein's philosophies. 

Kamal Behrouznia has translated a number of German works into Persian. 

"The Wolves Return" including 12 short stories are converted into Persian by Kamal Behrouznia from original German and published by Rouzagar Publications in 152 pages. 

Story Code : 120667
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