Parviz Shahdi has converted two historical works of Antony Beever into Persian, "The Fall of Berlin" and "Stalingrad", both of which will be published by Nasl-e-Aftab Publications.
"The Fall of Berlin" over book market
IBNA: According to Shahdi, both of these volumes offer effective narratives of two significant historical events. 

"The Fall of Berlin" (La chute de Berlin) is a historical work on the Second World War concerned with the events of Germany in this period. The book is under publication by Nasl-e-Aftab in 620 pages. In this book some old hypotheses about WWII and Germany's relations in this period that had remained ambiguous for a long time are given further proof. 

"Stalingrad" is another volume by Antony Beever that deals with German invasion to Russia. 

"Stalingrad" was first published in English in 1998; it chronicles the events and wars that had taken place during the Second World War. Stalingrad will be released in 562 pages by Nasl-e-Aftab Publications. 

Antony Beever is a British historian with more than 10 publications in his resumé. He was born in 1946 and has also penned a number of novels and works of fiction. 

Shahdi also said his translations of Alain Robbe-Grillet are being reissued by Nasl-e-Aftab Publications.

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