On the sidelines of a ceremony held on the occasion of Hijab and Modesty Day in Iran, Islamic Guidance and Culture Minister Seyyed Mohammad Husseini said that the Ministry will support books which promote hijab and modesty.
Book promoting hijab should be backed: Husseini
IBNA: The culture minister added that according to the legislations of Cultural Revolution's Supreme Council, we are assigned to support cultural products and figures who promote pure Islamic values in particular hijab and modesty.

He added:" Books which promote hijab will be purchased and sent to libraries."

Moreover he said that the Ministry will ban the publication of books which promote bad hijab while supervising the cultural products as well.

The ceremony of Hijab and Modesty Day was held Tuesday morning in the Islamic Guidance and Culture Ministry. During the ceremony the "Map of Iran's clothing and mode" was unveiled and Hamid reza Shah-abadi, director of "Clothing and Mode workshop" of the Islamic Guidance and Culture Ministry delivered a speech on the importance of observing hijab and modesty.
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