A book has been published by Qum Islamic Ma'aref Publication Office in assessment of Imam Khomeini's political and governance views. Titled as a Dialogue on Politics and Governance, the book is authored by Ali Ghaderi.
Imam Khomeini
IBNA: According to the public relations office of the office, the book is meant to cast a different look at politics and governance with emphasis on Imam Khomeini's political approach.

The book comprises three chapters and an introduction. Chapter one of the book deals with Imam Khomeini's life, campaign and demise.

The second chapter considers politics as its main theme. Political knowledge and Imam Khomeini's main political disposition are discussed in the chapter.

Assessment and analysis of definitions of politics, country and international system in Imam's view and other thinkers are considered in the final chapter of the book.

The book is ordered by the Islamic Revolution division of the University Research Department of Islamic Ma'aref Organization.
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