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4 Jan 2011 11:43
The latest cultural headlines in the media.
Kamran Parsi-nejhad
3 Jan 2011 18:07
Secretary of the 4th Sacred Defense Short Story Award (Yousef) said that 278 works were shortlisted for the 2nd phase and added that the literature deputy office and publication of work's preserving foundation will release the award's selected short stories as a book.
American Democracy for the Few
3 Jan 2011 17:58
In book "Democracy for the Few", Michael Parenti American socialist politician has claimed that the operation of America's civil system is based upon the benefits of owners of the Capital and American politicians are actually well-off Americans interested in politics.
Seven works shortlisted for fiction translation section
3 Jan 2011 17:09
Secretariat of 4th Parvin Etesami Award said that seven works were shortlisted for the fiction translation section.
Kanoon Calls for membership in IFLA committees
3 Jan 2011 15:11
IFLA (International Federation of Library Associations) based in Holland has called world librarians for membership in the federation's committees in 2011 by submitting their CVs.
"Perforce Reading of the Other" to be assessed
3 Jan 2011 14:19
Shirazi Children's Writers will assess the theoretical volume "Perforce Reading of the Other" through 10 critical sessions. The volume includes a collection of articles about critical approaches to the theory of Children's Literature. Started yesterday 3 January, the sessions are weekly held at Hozeh Honari of Shiraz.
"Historisches Wörterbuch der Philosophie" released in Persian
3 Jan 2011 14:14
Themed on Art's philosophy, the first volume of "Historisches Wörterbuch der Philosophie" was published in Persian. Philosophy experts have called the dictionary "Work of century".
The National Library of Iran
3 Jan 2011 14:07
The children and teenager's section of Iran's National Library will purchase a selection of the48th Bologna Children's Book Fair. The Fair is slated for 28 March through 31 March 2011.
Librarianship Immanent Figure to discuss library identity in the west
3 Jan 2011 13:53
'Rereading public libraries' identity in the west' is the subject of a session to be held at Tehran City Park with the lecturing of a librarianship Immanent Figure.
Libraries opend for blinds
3 Jan 2011 13:33
Tehran municipality inaugurated 5 new libraries equipped with special digital facilities for blind people in 5 various region of the city to remedy lack of facilities.
"Goals", "‎The prospering power of love" to be published
3 Jan 2011 12:47
"Goals! How to get everything you want-faster than you ever thought possible" by Brian Tracy and "‎The prospering power of love" by Catherine Ponder will be published by Gol-Mohammadi publication.
3 Jan 2011 11:45
The latest cultural headlines in the media.
Plans of book fairs to be executed in universities
3 Jan 2011 10:10
Cultural-art manager of Shahed University said: "The project of holding book fairs in universities through the country will be executed by Ministry of sciences and with cooperation of Shahed University.
Dr Hassan Bolkhari
2 Jan 2011 16:52
Dr Hassan Bolkhari said: "For Nezami, poetry is a form and story an excuse to show human moral perfection as the sphere of meaning is one with the celestial sphere. Therefore he seeks necessary tools of conveying it to the earth and making it perceptible. The story is a means to such conveyance."
18-volume "Danesh-Gostar Encyclopedia" to be unveiled
2 Jan 2011 16:47
The 18-volume "Danesh-Gostar Encyclopedia" will be unveiled on January 9 in National Library and Archives of Iran (NLAI). During the ceremony one of the work's author, Bahauddin Khoram-Shahi will deliver a speech.
170 articles submitted to Int
2 Jan 2011 16:28
Shiraz University's professor, Kavoos Hassan-lee says that some 170 articles have been submitted to International Congress of Shiraz University's Children's Literature . The event will run in spring.
"Dictionary of Iran
2 Jan 2011 16:05
The first volume of "Dictionary of Iran's architecture in Persian references" incorporates expressions and concepts. The book was supervised by Seyyed Mohammad Beheshti and Mehrdad Qiomibid Hendi.
Ahmadreza Ahmadi
2 Jan 2011 15:53
The association of Writers for Children was established in 1998 and is celebrating its 13th birthday with more than 300 members and commemoration of the 70-year-old Ahmadreza Ahmadi.
2 Jan 2011 15:00
The unveiling ceremony of Paul Auster's 'Sunset Park' translated into Persian by Mahsa Malek Marzban will be held on Monday 3 January 2011.
Majlis library house to several thousand books
2 Jan 2011 14:47
Purchasing 400 ancient and rare Persian and 600 newly released Arabic books, Majlis Library's sources have boosted to 390,000 books. The library has decided to accommodate 500,000 books by March.