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Copyrights of 99 Iranian books to be offered at MIBF
1 Sep 2014 21:08
IBNA- The Iranian Al-Hoda International Institute will offer copyrights of 99 Iranian books on various issues at the 27th Moscow International Book Fair (MIBF)
Abbas Salehi
31 Aug 2014 23:59
IBNA- At a news conference, Iran’s Deputy Culture Minister asserted that he and his colleagues follow the law and won't bow to the pressures of some media and bulletin-makers that are against the freedom of speech.
Majid Tafreshi
31 Aug 2014 13:55
IBNA- In “Analysis of Book Criticism in Written and Visual Media” session, history scholar Majid Tafreshi (PhD) said that some people wrongly think that they can get whatever they need from the Internet, therefore the Internet-stricken generation is getting far from reading book.
Iranian publishers, institutes at the 66th FBF named
31 Aug 2014 0:01
IBNA- 31 Iranian publishers, literary and cultural institutes will participate at the 66th Frankfurt Book Fair scheduled to be held on October 8-12.
Mohammad Reza Najian
30 Aug 2014 12:19
IBNA- Director of the Iranian Rasa Publishing Institute says that university instructors publish writings or translations of their students in their own names which reveals a moral decline in university books production.
Father of Iranian Meteorology: foremost authors should raise hypothesis
29 Aug 2014 18:47
IBNA- Houshang Ghaemi, Father of Meteorology in Iran, sees the process of translating the works into other languages by Iranian researchers vital.
Culture Minister Ali Jannati
28 Aug 2014 19:26
IBNA- In order to attend Razavi Animation Festival and meet the authors and translators of Golestan, Iran’s Minister of Culture and Islamic Guidance Ali Jannati will travel to this province tomorrow.
Deputy Culture Minister Abbas Salehi
28 Aug 2014 0:02
IBNA- Deputy of the Iranian Culture Minister Sayyed Abbas Salehi (PhD) will attend a press conference on Sunday, August 31 to account for his first year’s achievement.
Publication boosts at the first year of Rouhani’s government
28 Aug 2014 0:01
IBNA- A comparison between figures of publication between Rouhani’s government and ex-government of Mahmoud Ahmadinejad in their first respective years proves that the government of prudence and hope has improved publication by 29 percent.
Two international fairs await Iranian publishers of children books
27 Aug 2014 15:54
IBNA- A number of Iranian publishers of children and young adults’ books will participate at Beijing and Moscow international book fairs.
Where’s the oldest version of Avicenna’s Canon of Medicine kept?
26 Aug 2014 18:13
IBNA- The book written by Ibn Sina, “The Canon of Medicine” is one of the most distinguished books in medicine, however it is quite unknown where the oldest version of the masterpiece is held.
Jannati describes Culture Ministry plans on publication
26 Aug 2014 17:18
IBNA- Ali Jannati, Iran’s Culture and Islamic Guidance Minister said in the community of art and culture in Hamadan that the people appointed to evaluate and issue publication permission books in the former government, wouldn’t have given issuance permission to the Quran, if it hadn’t been conveyed by God.
Al-Hoda Institute to represent 19 Iranian publishers at MIBF
26 Aug 2014 0:41
IBNA- After two years absence, the Iranian Al-Hoda International Institute will represent 19 Iranian publishers with 200 books at the 27th Moscow International Book Fair (MIBF).
Tax-exempt for activists of culture, art and publication due
25 Aug 2014 23:45
IBNA- Iranian Culture Minister, Ali Jannati stated that amendments made to the tax law exempt activists of culture, art and publication fields from paying tax.
Hossein Entezami
25 Aug 2014 15:19
IBNA- Iran’s Minister of Culture and Islamic Guidance Ali Jannati issued an order appointing Hossein Entezami as the secretary of Publication and Free Access to Information Commission in the ministry.
Ali Jannati
25 Aug 2014 0:01
IBNA- The International Cultural Artistic Festival of Imam Reza (AS) opened officially with a message by Iran’s Culture minister Ali Jannati who stated that thousands of literati and artists have been influenced by the eighth Shi’ite Imam.
Mahdi Mohaghegh
24 Aug 2014 14:08
IBNA- Mahdi Mohaghegh, Iranian scholar specialized in Persian literature, Islamic studies and philosophy stressed that criticism should be knowledge with science and respect.
Nahid Kabiri
24 Aug 2014 12:45
IBNA- Nahid Kabiri, poetess, author and translator believes that the poetic character of Simin Behbahani was highly influential and she revolutionized the Iranian classical poetry through creating new rhythms in ghazal (a form of sonnet) as well as modern themes.
ECO members
24 Aug 2014 0:00
IBNA- ECO Cultural Office in Tehran have organized a meeting “Perspective of Children Literature among ECO Members” to be attended by writers, experts of children and young adults literature and cultural attachés of its member countries.
Funeral for Simin Behbahani held with massive participation
23 Aug 2014 17:39
IBNA- The magnificent funeral ceremony of Iranian outstanding poetess Simin Behbahani was held, as a large crowd of literati, artists and people attended the event on Friday.