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Orhan Pamuk
20 Sep 2014 16:39
IBNA- Two Persian Translations of ‘The Silent House’, the second important novel by Turkish leading author Orhan Pamuk have been published recently in Tehran, between them the version published by Nashr-e Negah (Negah Publication Institute) has become unavailable ten day after its first release.
Jannati: Seizing the hearts of people was Shariar’s art
20 Sep 2014 15:37
IBNA- In a message to the International Conference of Honoring Shariar, Iran’s Minister of Culture Ali Jannati said that people appreciate and praise a poet whose poems reflect their life and culture.
Roshan Ravan and the cover of his book
19 Sep 2014 13:37
IBNA- The unveiling ceremony of the book ‘Applied Harmony’ by the prominent Iranian composer Kambiz Roshan Ravan will be held at the presence of several masters of Iran’s music such as Farhad Fakhreddini, Shahin Farhat and Esmaeil Tehrani.
Najaf Ali Mirzaei
18 Sep 2014 23:55
IBNA- In the preface of 'Scientific and Executive Track Record of Iran's Book House', Director General of Iran's Book House Najaf Ali Mirzaei writes: "Several damages inflicted upon the sad fate of books in Iran."
Zarrinkoub always a great historical and literary figure
17 Sep 2014 23:59
IBNA- Rouzbeh Zarrinkoub, the nephew of the great Iranian scholar and author Abd ul-Hossein Zarrinkoub said that his late uncle was and is a great figure in the history and literature of Iran.
Congress of Rumi’s Love will be held in October
17 Sep 2014 22:30
IBNA- The Fourth Special Congress of Mawlana’s Love titled the “Ethical System of Mawlana” (Jalal ad-Din Mohammad Rumi), Step Two: the Realms of Ethics Domination will be held in Tehran to pay tribute to Mawlana.
Mahmoud Hosseini-Zad
16 Sep 2014 13:29
IBNA- The cultural week of the German Embassy is to be held in the Iranian Artists Forum where Mahmoud Hosseini-Zad will give a lecture on the German contemporary literature.
International Congress of Iranologists in Montreal to be reviewed
16 Sep 2014 1:02
IBNA- The Research Center of Iran Studies and the Center of Islam Recognition will jointly hold a meeting where the scholar Dariush Bourbour (PhD) is to deliver a report about International Congress of Iranologists in Montreal.
Council for Protecting the Rights of Iranian Literati established
15 Sep 2014 23:04
IBNA- Council Center for Protecting the Rights of Iranian Literati, affiliated to Iran's Book House which observes the laws concerning the rights of authors and publishers will provides advisory every Tuesday.
Bairami and the cover of his novel
15 Sep 2014 21:09
IBNA- The Russian translation of Iranian novel ‘The Dead of the Green Garden’ by Mohammad Reza Bairami selected as one of the ten best books of the 2014 Moscow International Book Fair (MIBF).
30 Iranian university books to be showcased at FBF
15 Sep 2014 0:00
IBNA- Representative of Iran's Cultural Association of University Books Publishers Ebrahim Amel Mehrabi stated that 30 Iranian university books have been selected to be showcased at the 66th Frankfurt Book Fair.
Poems by Sohrab Sepehri published in Italy
14 Sep 2014 22:57
IBNA- A collection of poems by the great Iranian poet Sohrab Sepehri has been published in Italian language by ARACNE Publishing Press, located in Rome.
Book on some weird facts about Iranians’ lives in U.S. released
13 Sep 2014 23:58
IBNA- In a book called “An Iranian-American Experience,” Saeed Ghahramani, Professor of mathematics in the U.S., has elaborated on the weird experiences of Iranian immigrants in this country.
Secret of Sa’adi’s eternality is his consideration of human needs
13 Sep 2014 23:42
IBNA- At a conference on Sa’adi and Sa’adi studies, Kourosh Kamali Sarvestani, a scholar, researcher and author on the works of Sa’adi said that the secret of this poet’s eternal status is his attention to the daily needs and problems of the human beings.
Iran programs at 2014 Frankfurt Book Fair announced
12 Sep 2014 1:47
IBNA- Iran's Cultural Fairs Institute (ICFI), described the programs of this institute for participation at the sideline programs organized for the 66th Frankfurt Book Fair scheduled to be held on October 8-12, 2014.
Book City delivers Persian books throughout the world
11 Sep 2014 0:00
IBNA- The Iranian Book City Institute has facilitated the access to the copies of Persian books for all enthusiasts throughout the world.
Prof. Kazzazi and the cover of his
10 Sep 2014 20:14
IBNA- The book “Vakshour-e Iran” (Prophet of Iran) authored by Professor Mir Jalal al-Din Kazzazi (writer, translator and researcher) covers Zarathustra’s life and has been published following the books “The Son of Iran” and “The Father of Iran”.
Swiss professor describes his book on Imam Reza (AS)
9 Sep 2014 23:59
IBNA- The Swiss Professor Patrick Ringgenberg, an scholar in theology and aesthetics said at the Imam Reza Festival that his book is on the holy shrine of Imam Reza and a profound need for these books is felt in the West.
32nd Book of the Year Awards calls for entries
8 Sep 2014 23:59
IBNA- Call for the 32nd Iran’s Book of the Year Awards of the Islamic Republic of Iran was issued. The book annual awards ceremony is scheduled to be held in February 2014.
Figures on translated versions of Quran and Bible released
8 Sep 2014 16:49
IBNA- The director of Iranian Tarjoman Cultural Institute (affiliated to Endowment and Charity Affairs Organization) announced the number of translated versions of the Quran and the Bible throughout the world.