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Internal News 23rd Tehran Int`l Book Fair

  Nouri Al-Jarrah in TIBF

18 Apr 2010 15:59
Syrian poet, Nouri Al-Jarrah who has traveled to Iran in order to attend Iran and the World Poets' Conference said: "I will attend 23rd Tehran International Book Fair (TIBF) during its first days."
IBNA: The poet told IBNA that Tehran Book Fair is the most important cultural event in the region which I will attend.

I will attend the fair for the 2nd time and my books will be presented as well, he added.

His poetry collections entitled "Death's Childhood, "Iranian Garden" and "Hamlet Gardens" will be presented in the fair as they are rendered into Persian by Hamzeh Kouti.

Al-Jarrah is an English citizen and so far only a number of his compositions have been translated into English and French.

Nouri Al-Jarrah is a Syrian poet, born in Damascus in 1956. From 1981, he lived in Beirut, then Cyprus and London, working as a journalist. He established Al-Katiba literary magazine of which 14 issues were published. He directed a research institute in Abu Dhabi that collected and translated archival papers concerning travel in the Middle East. He has published seven collections of poetry.

23rd Tehran International Book Fair is slated to run 5-15 May in Imam Khomeini's Mosalla.
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Nouri Al-Jarrah in TIBF
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