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An official of Art Bureau announced

  Americans warmly welcome Sacred Defense books

2 Feb 2013 15:26
The universities of the United States warmly welcome Sacred Defense books, an official of Tehran Art Bureau announced.
IBNA: The head of the translation office of the Art Bureau Fahimeh Mohammad Semsar said: “Some of the books which have been translated into English by the center include Journey to Heading 270 Degrees, Chess with the Doomsday Machine, Fortune Told in Blood, Sabalan Stories, Ismail and A City under Siege. Moreover the translation of Red Olive, the memories of Nahid Yousefian written by Qasem Yahoseyni, will be released as well. The work is rendered into Persian by M.R Ghanoonparvar.” 

Da is also being translated by Paul Sprachman. Nureddin, Son of Iran and A Foot That Was Left Behind are being translated into English and Spanish at the Art Bureau. 

Autumn in the Train has been rendered into Russian while Ermia and Wish There Were no Red Roses have been translated into Turkish and released in Turkey. 

The translated books are mostly welcomed by American students and educational centers; Journey to Heading 270 Degrees and Chess with the Doomsday Machine are being taught at New Jersey University. 

Most of the translated books are available at libraries and online in book-related websites. The reviews presented at websites including Amazon shows that the books were warmly welcomed.
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Americans warmly welcome Sacred Defense books
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