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Internal News Tehran Int`l Book Fair

Ramin Mehmanparast at TIBF:

  Foreign Ministry to introduce Iranian novels to the world

11 May 2013 13:10
Visiting the 26th Tehran International Book Fair, Iran's Foreign Ministry Spokesman Ramin Mehmanparast said: “Iranian novels will be introduce to the world through the ministry.”
IBNA: Visiting the book fair, Mehmanparast said: “All Iranian novels will soon be supported by Iran's Foreign Ministry’s new department, Center on Public Diplomacy, and introduced to the world.” 

The spokesman said: “The book fair was welcomed warmly. Iran holds a great culture and history which should be preserved.” 

Tehran International Book Fair is annually held as a social and cultural phenomenon with book displays, panel discussions and publishing deals. 

The 26th Tehran International Book Fair wrapped up today.
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Foreign Ministry to introduce Iranian novels to the world
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