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  The Myanmar Catastrophe and Zionist Buddhism

8 Nov 2012 13:39
Kamran Sharafshahi's treatise "The Myanmar Catastrophe and Zionist Buddhism" is published in the articles collection of the 3rd International Islamic Resistance Congress.
IBNA: Announcing the publication of the article, Kamran Sharafshahi added: "Every year the International Islamic Resistance Congress receives articles and poems from all over the world. They are assessed by a jury and some of the best are selected for publication in three volumes of 'Poems', 'Articles', and 'Interviews'. "

He introduced "The Myanmar Catastrophe and Zionist Buddhism" as a research work on the massacre of Muslims in Myanmar. "In this article I have made a historical survey of the life of Muslims in Myanmar, track record of their inhabitance there, the emergence of Islam in Myanmar, the historical trace of their presence in the country, Buddhism, and Radical Buddhism and the reflection of the Muslim Massacre of Myanmar in the Resistance Literature."

The third International Islamic Resistance Conference was held 1st to 3rd November in Kermanshah.
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The Myanmar Catastrophe and Zionist Buddhism
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