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  Gov’t Endorses Titles on Iranian Carpet

5 Nov 2013 10:25
Iran’s Organization of Cultural Heritage, Handicraft and Tourism has announced preparedness to endorse translation and publication of two exquisite titles on Iranian carpet, says an official.

IBNA: According to the public relations and information center of the organization, Bahman Namvar Motlagh has met with Taher Sabahi, a founding member of the Italy Merchants of Eastern Carpets Institute.

During the meeting, it was agreed to translate and publish two books on Iranian carpets and rugs.

Sabahi further offered a number of his exquisite works to the library of the organization.

Sabahi is a prominent carpet expert and is a renowned figure in the field in Europe. He has so penned 18 titles in Italian, French and English abut Iranian carpets.

He is also editor in chief of a journal in English and Italian about carpets names Gereh. Furthermore, he owns an exquisite collection of carpets in different sizes and styles.

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Gov’t Endorses Titles on Iranian Carpet
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