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  Frankfurt Book Fair to host Moshaf Sharif

30 Sep 2010 11:19
According to the suggestion of the Islamic Guidance and Culture Ministry's deputy office and in order to introduce Mos'haf Sharif (Quran Karim) international print contest, secretariat of the 1st Mos'haf Sharif Int'l Print Contest will attend Frankfurt Int'l Book Fair.
IBNA: The contest's secretary, Mohammad reza Pour-moen said:" Distributing the contest's participation forms among international publishers will be among our other goals."

He added that previously the call was released to Asian, European, American and African countries' publishers and printing house owners, but as attending such an event could pave the way for disseminating more information we decided to attend the fair.

Moreover he said that they will attend Sharjah Book Fair as well in order to disseminate information on 1st Mos'haf Sharif Int'l Print Contest.

He underlined that attending Frankfurt and Sharjah International Book Fairs will have a great role in introducing the 1st Mos'haf Sharif Int'l Print Contest.

The contest will run November 8-11, 2010 in Iran.

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Frankfurt Book Fair to host Moshaf Sharif
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