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Written by Mohammad Tolouei

  "Mirza Reza's Gun" being staged at Fajr Theater Festival

15 Feb 2011 15:34
The play "Mirza Reza's Gun is on the Wall and Will Shoot in the Third Act" written by Mohammad Tolouei and directed by Mohammad Ashkanfar will be staged on Wednesday 16 February 2011 in the 29th International Fajr Theater Festival at Sanglaj Theater. This play is based on historical sources.
IBNA: Tolouei said: "The play is about the gun by which Mirza Reza Kermani has assassinated Naser al-din Shah and is lost afterwards. The gun is never found." 

"This play is based on real historical sources," he explained, "yet the conclusion is fake." 

"For writing the play I cited a number of sources the most important of which are the memories of Zahir al-Doleh in "History of no Lies". In this book he has mentioned the assassination of Naser al-Din Shah, and Mirza Reza's arrest and the following queries." 

He asserted: "Diaries of Naser al-Din Shah collected by Fatemeh Ghaziha, Memoirs of the Private Life of Naser al-Din Shah by Moayer al-Mamalek, and Diary of Etemad al-Saltaneh written by Etemad al-Saltaneh are other historical sources cited for the composition of this play." 

According to Tolouei, the play script of "Mirza Reza's Gun is on the Wall and Will Shoot in the Third Act" will be published by Afraz Publications. 

The play will be staged on Wednesday 16 February twice at 18:00 and 20:30 at Sanglaj Theater. 

Among other works of Mohammad Tolouei are: "Memoirs of the Acrobat", "Theatricality" (collection of articles on the nature of theater), and Orpheus (translation of Ted Hughes's closet drama).
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