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Semnan Governor Deputy

  All Semnan villages will have a public library

25 May 2010 16:24
Semnan Governor Deputy referred to the cultural status of this province saying: In the third journey of the government cabinet to9 Semnan province it was decided that all villages with more than 1000 residents should have public library.
IBNA: In a conversation with IBNA Alireza Khalkhali said: Semnan is a cultural province in which more than 99% of residents are literate.

He added: 90 thousand students study in the different universities of Semnan, In other words one of every seven people in this province is a student.

He mentioned that this province has 50 universities and said: In such conditions we should try to increase the number of public libraries.

He referred to the cabinet\'s third trip to Semnan: In this trip it was decided that all villages with more than 1000 residents should have a public library. It was also decided that there should be 5 mobile libraries that regularly provide other smaller villages with new books. These mobile libraries will travel between the villages of Shahroud, Garmsar, Damghan, Semnan and Mehdi Shahr.

Khalkhali also said: this year we will also put one other project into action; that is the project of establishing libraries in mosques and holy places where many people visit every day.

Semnan governor deputy announced the plan for establishing a central library in each city and said: The governor is responsible for the execution of this plan.

He added: on of our other plans is to ask all the civil servants in Semnan to become members of public libraries.

He said: The locality for establishing Semnan central library is assigned and we are now trying to gather the budget needed.
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All Semnan villages will have a public library
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