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  A Sorrow Beyond Dreams in Iran

22 Apr 2013 15:45
A Sorrow Beyond Dreams, a 1972 semi-autobiographical novella by the Austrian writer Peter Handke, has been recently released in Iran. The work is converted into Persian by Pouya Rofoei.
IBNA: Peter Handke's mother was an invisible woman. Throughout her life—which spanned the Nazi era, the war, and the postwar consumer economy—she struggled to maintain appearances, only to arrive at a terrible recognition: "I'm not human anymore." Not long after, she killed herself with an overdose of sleeping pills. 

In A Sorrow Beyond Dreams her son sits down to record what he knows, or thinks he knows, about his mother's life and death before, in his words, "the dull speechlessness—the extreme speechlessness" of grief takes hold forever. And yet the experience of speechlessness, as it marks both suffering and love, lies at the heart of Handke's brief but unforgettable elegy. This austere, scrupulous, and deeply moving book is one of the finest achievements of a great contemporary writer, Amazon says. 

Handke, born in 1942, graduated from the Law Faculty and he often visited and stayed in other countries. At present he lives in France. He is one of the most translated Austrian writers. 

His works from the second half of the 1960s met with great acclaim, especially his series of experimental Sprechstuecke (Spoken Plays), challenging the form and content of conventional drama. 

In other prose works and plays Handke focuses on communication and language as well as existential problems. 

Handke's works have been translated into Czech since the end of the 1960s. 

After the fall of the communist regime in Czechoslovakia in 1989 Handke's books in Czech translation were mainly issued by the Prostor publisher's. 

It published, for instance, his story On a Dark Night I Left My Silent House in 1999 and Don Juan (Told by Himself) in 2006. 

The Persian translation of A Sorrow Beyond Dreams has been released in 64 pages by Rokhdad No Publications.
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A Sorrow Beyond Dreams in Iran
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