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  Iran, Sudan to tighten cultural relations

27 Jun 2011 12:52
Appraising Iran-Sudan relations in political, economical, cultural and social levels as satisfactory, the President of Sudan considered holding exhibitions and cultural weeks a good step towards expansion and reinforcement of the two countries' cultural ties.
IBNA: According to the Public Relations and International Affairs of the Ministry of Culture and Islamic Guidance, visiting Sudan's cultural week exhibition held at the site of Howzeh Honari of Tehran, Omar Hassan al-Bashir appraised Iran-Sudan relations in political, economical, cultural and social levels as satisfactory and called for expansion and reinforcement of the two countries' cultural ties. 

The president of Sudan also praised Iranian nation's political awareness and insight and added: "We expect the noble nation of Islamic Republic of Iran to pay attention to the cultural issues and the arts of Sudan the way they treat their own arts and hope that by expanding cultural interactions between the countries, they can both get to know about cultural potentials and capacities." 

On the sidelines of the president's visit, the Minister of Culture and Islamic Guidance also described political and economical relations of the Sudanese government with Islamic Republic of Iran as 'very friendly' and insisted on holding more exhibitions and cultural weeks in Sudan as a forceful step towards tightening cultural relations. 

According to him, there are many unsought capacities for the expansion of cultural relations between Iran and Sudan and our literati can contribute to this via their cultural tools and by producing fine joint works. 

He then appreciated holding cultural weeks in both countries and asserted that through these cultural events the nations will be familiarized with each other and can introduce their own cultures to other nations. 

Hosseini added that cultural products of Islamic Republic of Iran also consist of Islamic and spiritual depth and added: "A considerable number of the videos, TV series and other artistic and cultural products of Islamic Iran are based on Quran and religion and we are going to export these products to Sudan." 

He further said: "It is our duty to grow into a unified nation and help each other to defend Islam by all possible means and capacities and especially through our cultural and artistic tools so that we can reveal the real face of Islam and Muslims to the world. 

The second Cultural Exhibition of Sudan in Tehran was opened by the cultural ministers of Iran and Sudan last week at Mehr Hall of Howzeh Honari. 
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Iran, Sudan to tighten cultural relations
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