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  6th print of ‘The Dictionary of Photography’ marketed

19 Aug 2013 14:07
The 6th print of ‘The Dictionary of Photography’, a work by Iranian translator and master of photography Esmaeel Abbasi, has been published.
IBNA: ‘The Dictionary of Photography’, during its first release, was the only encyclopedia available on the art which was written by an Iranian master and translator. Subsequently several other researchers and scholars presented other books. 

Abbasi tried to offer the book as an encyclopedia; considering all the details. 

The book concludes with an English-Persian dictionary. 

The first print of ‘The Dictionary of Photography’ was released 17 years ago in 5000 copies.
Now its 6th print will be released in 257 pages and 1000 copies by Soroush Publications. 

Esmaeel Abbasi is a critic, photographer, master as well as a prolific translator. Some of his translations include ‎"How to Look at Photographs”, “Photojournalism” and "Photolanguage".

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6th print of ‘The Dictionary of Photography’ marketed
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