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The work is scheduled to be recited twice at 6 and 8 p.m. today by a team led by Nafiseh Razi in Isfahan University of Medical Sciences.     Vișniec’s ‘The Story of Pandas Told By a Saxophonist Who Has a Girlfriend In Frankfurt’ has the premise of a romantic comedy: A slacker-ly young man does not remember his friend’s name; nor does he remember where and how they met, their journey to his squalid apartment or what they did after they got there.  The young woman is happy to explain, however—indeed, so reassuring is her recollection of the facts that he pleads with her to stay.   Nine nights are a lifetime to a man and woman brought together under curious circumstances. They travel through a dream-like caged lightening. Together they discover sometimes, all you need to approach perfection is a saxophone and a broken alarm clock.   Among the other plays of Vișniec which have been translated into Persian are: ‘The Sensation of Elasticity When Walking upon Corpses’ which is titled in Persian, ‘Now, Who’s Gonna Wash the Dishes’ and ‘How to Explain the History of Communism to Mental Patients’. His plays have also been staged in Iranian Playhouses.     ]]> Literature and Art Thu, 22 Aug 2019 10:54:57 GMT http://www.ibna.ir/en/doc/tolidi/279850/vișniec-s-pandas-story-to-be-recited-in-isfahan Iranian university hosts foreign students of Persian language ‎ http://www.ibna.ir/en/doc/tolidi/279775/iranian-university-hosts-foreign-students-of-persian-language According to IBNA correspondent, Uzbek professors and students are attending the program launched by AZFA Center of Allameh Tabatabei University titled: “The Course for Improving Knowledge of Persian Language and Literature”. As well as them, several students from countries such as Turkey, South Korea, China and Tunisia have also participated in the course.   Programs included in the course of AZFA Center Summer School are: Persian language proficiency test, Persian literature class (contemporary literature, mystical literature and semantics) and Haddad Adel's ‘Masnavi’ class. Furthermore sightseeing in Tehran including The Book Garden, Nature Bridge, Sa’adabad Palace, Sacred Defense Museum and travel to ancient Iranian cities of Kashan and Isfahan are among the other programs of Allameh Tabatabeai University Azfa Center for the guests.   The closing ceremony of the program will be held on August 29.   ]]> Literature and Art Mon, 19 Aug 2019 12:43:26 GMT http://www.ibna.ir/en/doc/tolidi/279775/iranian-university-hosts-foreign-students-of-persian-language ‎‘The Setting Sun’ (Shayō) to be reviewed in Tehran http://www.ibna.ir/en/doc/tolidi/279726/the-setting-sun-shayō-to-be-reviewed-in-tehran According to IBNA correspondent, the event has been organized by Daf Publishing with Iranian author Farzaneh Karampour as secretary of the session. ‘The Setting Sun’ is the first novel by Osamu Dazai (1909-1948) which has been translated by into Persian by Morteza Sane’   ‘The Setting Sun’ is told through the eyes of Kazuko, the unmarried daughter of a widowed aristocrat. Her search for self meaning in a society devoid of use for her forms the crux of the novel.   Kazuko’s mother falls ill, and due to their financial circumstances they are forced to take a cottage in the countryside. Her brother, who became addicted to opium during the war is missing. When he returns, Kazuko attempts to form a liaison with the novelist Uehara. This romantic displacement only furthers to deepen her alienation from society.   Osamu Dazai is considered one of the foremost fiction writers of 20th-century Japan. A number of his most popular works, such as ‘The Setting Sun’ and ‘No Longer Human’ (Ningen Shikkaku), are considered modern-day classics in Japan.   ]]> Literature and Art Sun, 18 Aug 2019 12:38:21 GMT http://www.ibna.ir/en/doc/tolidi/279726/the-setting-sun-shayō-to-be-reviewed-in-tehran Persian language to be taught at Farabi Eurasia Center http://www.ibna.ir/en/doc/naghli/279848/persian-language-to-be-taught-at-farabi-eurasia-center According to IBNA correspondent, quoting from the public relations department of Islamic Culture and Relations Organization (ICRO), Kourosh Moghtaderi, Iran’s Cultural Attaché to Turkey visited Farabi Eurasia Center of Research affiliated to Istanbul University and discussed with the director of the center Abdullah Qizilchik about boosting cultural and literary ties between Iran and Turkey.   Referring to the abundance of books and articles on literature, humanities and Islamic sciences in Persian, Moghtaderi said that in recent years, Turkish language translators and publishers have shown more interest in publishing such works.   He further introduced two Iranian plans, top and Grant which aim to encourage the translation of Persian books into other languages including Turkish.   Following the session the two officials discussed other issues such as the allocation of a department in the library of Farabi Eurasia Center of Research to books translated from Persian into Turkish, a tribute to the Professors of Persian language as well as top translators of Persian to Turkish.   Farabi Eurasia Center of Research affiliated to Istanbul University was established in December 2016 and is active in holding scholarly seminars and educational courses.   ]]> Literature and Art Sun, 18 Aug 2019 12:01:41 GMT http://www.ibna.ir/en/doc/naghli/279848/persian-language-to-be-taught-at-farabi-eurasia-center Knowledge improving Persian language course due in Kazakhstan http://www.ibna.ir/en/doc/naghli/279847/knowledge-improving-persian-language-course-due-in-kazakhstan According to IBNA correspondent quoting from the public relations department of Islamic Culture and Relations Organization (ICRO), the course will be held in cooperation with Iran's Cultural Attaché to Kazakhstan and Sa’di Foundation in Iran on August 19 to 29 at Farabi Oriental Studies University where 25 instructors of Persian language will take part in the course.   The course is aimed at MA and PhD students of oriental studies and linguistics. An Iranian instructor of Persian language and literature Saffari Moghaddam who is also the author of Persian language teaching to foreigners will teach the course.    The course has been planned to be held as a workshop, based on new teaching methods which improve four basic skills in language learning.     ]]> Literature and Art Sat, 17 Aug 2019 12:59:46 GMT http://www.ibna.ir/en/doc/naghli/279847/knowledge-improving-persian-language-course-due-in-kazakhstan Persian translations of ‘The Great Gatsby’ to be reviewed http://www.ibna.ir/en/doc/tolidi/279783/persian-translations-of-the-great-gatsby-to-be-reviewed According to IBNA correspondent, did two Persian translations were respectively carried out by Karim Emami and Reza Rezaei will be discussed based on the principles of literary criticism and theories by two Iranian experts Ali-Reza Khanjan and Niloufar Rahmanian. ‘The Great Gatsby’ by F. Scott Fitzgerald that follows a cast of characters living in the fictional towns of West Egg and East Egg on prosperous Long Island in the summer of 1922. The story primarily concerns the young and mysterious millionaire Jay Gatsby and his quixotic passion and obsession with the beautiful former debutante Daisy Buchanan. Considered to be Fitzgerald's magnum opus, ‘The Great Gatsby’ explores themes of decadence, idealism, resistance to change, social upheaval and excess, creating a portrait of the Roaring Twenties that has been described as a cautionary tale regarding the American Dream. The meeting for considering the translations is a slated for today at 4 to 6 p.m.     ]]> Literature and Art Sat, 17 Aug 2019 11:58:44 GMT http://www.ibna.ir/en/doc/tolidi/279783/persian-translations-of-the-great-gatsby-to-be-reviewed Psychological thriller ‘The Silent Patient’ at Iranian bookstores http://www.ibna.ir/en/doc/tolidi/279776/psychological-thriller-the-silent-patient-at-iranian-bookstores According to IBNA correspondent, the book has been translated into Persian by Saman Shahraki and released by Khazeh Publishing in 328 pages. Synopsis of ‘The Silent Patient’ reads: “Alicia Berenson’s life is seemingly perfect. A famous painter married to an in-demand fashion photographer, she lives in a grand house with big windows overlooking a park in one of London’s most desirable areas. One evening her husband Gabriel returns home late from a fashion shoot, and Alicia shoots him five times in the face, and then never speaks another word.   Alicia’s refusal to talk, or give any kind of explanation, turns a domestic tragedy into something far grander, a mystery that captures the public imagination and casts Alicia into notoriety. The price of her art skyrockets, and she, the silent patient, is hidden away from the tabloids and spotlight at the Grove, a secure forensic unit in North London.   Theo Faber is a criminal psychotherapist who has waited a long time for the opportunity to work with Alicia. His determination to get her to talk and unravel the mystery of why she shot her husband takes him down a twisting path into his own motivations—a search for the truth that threatens to consume him...." Alex Michaelides was born in Cyprus in 1977. He studied English literature at Cambridge University and earned his MA in screenwriting at the American Film Institute in Los Angeles. He also wrote the screenplay of the film ‘The Devil You Know.’   ]]> Literature and Art Sat, 17 Aug 2019 10:52:38 GMT http://www.ibna.ir/en/doc/tolidi/279776/psychological-thriller-the-silent-patient-at-iranian-bookstores Albert Camus’ ‘Correspondence’ reveals author’s passionate side ‎ http://www.ibna.ir/en/doc/tolidi/279602/albert-camus-correspondence-reveals-author-s-passionate-side According to IBNA correspondent, ‘Correspondence 1944–1959’ (French: Correspondance 1944-1959) has been translated into Persian by Zahra Khanloo under the title ‘Addressed to Love’ and released by Nashr-e No in Tehran.    The Persian translator says on the book: “Burning desire and stripped passion is probably something which no one expects from Albert Camus. Even if his work contains such feelings, they are hardly traceable.”   The book which was published in 2017, containing the love letters of the Nobel awarded author Albert Camus and his lover's, actress Maria Casarès. Casarès handed her letters to Camus daughter, Cathrine Camus. The book was a best-seller in France. Camus humor is evident in the book, accompanied by his despair.   Casarès was a leading actress both on the French stage and in French movies. Her first film role was in Marcel Carné's ‘Les Enfants du paradis’ (1945), one of the great classics of French cinema. She also made ‘Les dames du Bois de Boulogne’ (1945) for Robert Bresson, For Jean Cocteau, she played Death in his ‘Orphée’ (1950). In 1989, she was nominated for the César Award for Best Supporting Actress in ‘La Lectrice’.   ‘Correspondence 1944–1959’ titled in Persian ‘Addressed to Love’ has been published in 275 pages.       ]]> Literature and Art Thu, 15 Aug 2019 09:36:43 GMT http://www.ibna.ir/en/doc/tolidi/279602/albert-camus-correspondence-reveals-author-s-passionate-side Patrick Modiano’s ‘Pedigree’ describes his turbulent childhood http://www.ibna.ir/en/doc/tolidi/279607/patrick-modiano-s-pedigree-describes-his-turbulent-childhood According to IBNA correspondent, the book which has been translated under the title ‘I’m Patrick Modiano’ by Nazanin Arab, has been released by Negah Publishing in Tehran.      Nobel laureate Patrick Modiano has said that his many fictions are all variations of the same story. ‘Pedigree’, his memoir, is the theme. In this rare glimpse into his life, the author takes up his pen to tell his personal story.   He addresses his early years—shadowy times in postwar Paris that haunt his memory and have inspired his world-cherished body of fiction.   Modiano offers a memoir of his first twenty-one years. Termed one of his “finest books” by the Guardian, Pedigree is both a personal exploration and a luminous portrait of a world gone by.   ‘Pedigree’ sheds light on the childhood and adolescence that Modiano explores in ‘Suspended Sentences’, ‘Dora Bruder’, and other novels. In this work he re-creates the louche, unstable, colorful world of his parents under the German Occupation; his childhood in a household of circus performers and gangsters; and his formative friendship with the writer Raymond Queneau.   While acknowledging that memory is never assured, Modiano recalls with painful clarity the most haunting moments of his early life, such as the death of his ten-year-old brother.    The book which is Modiano’s only memoir, is a gift to his readers and a master key to the themes that have inspired his writing life. ‘Pedigree’ or ‘I’m Patrick Modiano’ in Persian, has been published in 108 pages.   ]]> Literature and Art Wed, 14 Aug 2019 11:01:41 GMT http://www.ibna.ir/en/doc/tolidi/279607/patrick-modiano-s-pedigree-describes-his-turbulent-childhood ‎‎‘The Girl with the Make-Believe Husband’ published in Persian http://www.ibna.ir/en/doc/tolidi/279662/the-girl-with-the-make-believe-husband-published-in-persian According to IBNA correspondent, the romance novel about a girl found herself in a dilemma by Julia Quinn has been translated into Persian by Mohammad Pour-Rokni and released by Elmi Publishing in Tehran. The synopsis of ‘The Girl with the Make-Believe Husband: A Bridgertons Prequel’ reads: “With her brother Thomas injured on the battlefront in the Colonies, orphaned Cecilia Harcourt has two unbearable choices: move in with a maiden aunt or marry a scheming cousin. Instead, she chooses option three and travels across the Atlantic, determined to nurse her brother back to health. But after a week of searching, she finds not her brother but his best friend, the handsome officer Edward Rokesby. He's unconscious and in desperate need of her care, and Cecilia vows that she will save this soldier's life, even if staying by his side means telling one little lie... When Edward comes to, he's more than a little confused. The blow to his head knocked out three months of his memory, but surely he would recall getting married. He knows who Cecilia Harcourt is—even if he does not recall her face—and with everyone calling her his wife, he decides it must be true, even though he'd always assumed he'd marry his neighbor back in England.   Cecilia risks her entire future by giving herself—completely—to the man she loves. But when the truth comes out, Edward may have a few surprises of his own for the new Mrs. Rokesby.   Julia Quinn is the pseudonym used by Julie Pottinger (born Julie Cotler in 1970), a best-selling American historical romance author. Her novels have been translated into 29 foreign languages and she has appeared on the New York Times Bestseller List 19 times. ‘The Girl with the Make-Believe Husband’ has been published in 278 pages and 350 copies.   ]]> Literature and Art Wed, 14 Aug 2019 10:20:32 GMT http://www.ibna.ir/en/doc/tolidi/279662/the-girl-with-the-make-believe-husband-published-in-persian Eighth reprint of ‘The Tin Drum’ comes out http://www.ibna.ir/en/doc/tolidi/279612/eighth-reprint-of-the-tin-drum-comes-out According to IBNA correspondent, the Günter Grass novel, a purported autobiography of a dwarf who lives through the birth and death of Nazi Germany has been released in Persian by Niloufar Publishing in 793 pages.          In ‘The Tin Drum’, the protagonist, Oskar Matzerath, narrates the novel from an asylum for the insane. He claims to have consciously stopped growing at the age of three in protest against adulthood; although intellectually normal, he has the stunted body of a dwarf.   Oskar’s voice is shrill enough to shatter glass, and his passion is banging on his tin drum, which has properties by which he draws forth memories from the past and complains about shortcomings in the present.   Detached from people and events, he comments on the horrors, injustices, and eccentricities he observes. Oskar lives through the bizarre death of his mother and the equally unusual deaths of both of his alleged fathers. Found guilty of a murder he did not commit, Oskar is incarcerated.   The picaresque novel which was published as ‘Die Blechtrommel’ in Germany was adapted into a 1979 film directed by Volker Schlöndorff, which won both the Palme d'Or, in the same year, and the Academy Award for Best Foreign Language Film the following year.   ]]> Literature and Art Wed, 14 Aug 2019 10:19:33 GMT http://www.ibna.ir/en/doc/tolidi/279612/eighth-reprint-of-the-tin-drum-comes-out ‎‘Days in the History of Silence’ to be unveiled http://www.ibna.ir/en/doc/tolidi/279529/days-in-the-history-of-silence-to-be-unveiled According to IBNA correspondent, the novel has been translated by Shaqayeq Qandehari into Persian and released by Hekmat-e Kalameh Publishing in Tehran. ‘Days in the History of Silence’ From the acclaimed Nordic Council Literature Prize winner, is a story that reveals the devastating effects of mistaking silence for peace and feeling shame for inevitable circumstances. Eva and Simon have spent most of their adult lives together. He is a physician and she is a teacher, and they have three grown daughters and a comfortable home. Yet what binds them together isn’t only affection and solidarity but also the painful facts of their respective histories, which they keep hidden even from their own children. But after the abrupt dismissal of their housekeeper and Simon’s increasing withdrawal into himself, the past can no longer be repressed. Merethe Lindstrøm is a Norwegian author. She was born in Bergen and made her literary debut in 1983 with a collection of short stories, her first novel was published in 1992. But it was the 1996 novel The Stone Collectors that won her two awards, and set a new tone in her authorship. For the 2007 collection of short stories, ‘The Guests’, Lindstrøm was nominated for the Nordic Council's Literary Prize and the Norwegian Critics' Award. Her next book Days in the History of Silence (2011) won her both these prestigious awards. The unveiling ceremony of ‘Days in the History of Silence’ is scheduled to be held in Ibn-e Sina (Avicenna) Book City on Friday at 5 p.m.   ]]> Literature and Art Tue, 13 Aug 2019 12:53:04 GMT http://www.ibna.ir/en/doc/tolidi/279529/days-in-the-history-of-silence-to-be-unveiled ‎‘The Americanized People’ by French-Iranian author reviewed ‎ http://www.ibna.ir/en/doc/tolidi/279528/the-americanized-people-by-french-iranian-author-reviewed According to IBNA correspondent, the book which has been translated into Persian by Reza Seyyed Hosseini and released by Nahid publishing in Tehran reveals the concern of its author for the oppressed people of the world.   Serge Rezvani, was born Cyrus Rezvani on March 23, 1928 in Tehran, the son of an Iranian playwright father and a Russian mother. He was only one when was taken to Paris by his father whose work was praised by prominent playwrights like Fernando Arabal. Rezvani is also a painter, engraver, playwright, as well as a singer-songwriter. He has written over 40 novels, 15 plays and two collections of poetry. He is the composer of more than 150 songs, including a famous one performed by Jeanne Moreau in the movie ‘Jules and Jim’ an acclaimed film by François Truffaut. His pseudonym of Cyrus Bassiak means "Barefoot" in Russian).   A couple of French tramps have fun knocking out and poisoning American sailors who stop at Cannes ... A huge buffoonery. They are sluggish and truculent. They are similar to the characters of Samuel Beckett in 'Waiting for Godot' who live among garbage, have nothing to lose and embrace each other out of loneliness.   However these tramps have principles and are radical. They believed that by killing evil people they struggle against evil. They are suffering from the disease of being Americanized. ‘The Americanized People’ in Persian has been published in 550 copies.     ]]> Literature and Art Tue, 13 Aug 2019 11:39:45 GMT http://www.ibna.ir/en/doc/tolidi/279528/the-americanized-people-by-french-iranian-author-reviewed Iranian writer Boochani wins National Biography Award http://www.ibna.ir/en/doc/naghli/279510/iranian-writer-boochani-wins-national-biography-award According to IBNA correspondent, quoting from ‘The Guardian’, judges call his memoir an ‘astonishing act of witness’. He has continued his sweep of the Australian literary prize landscape, winning the $25,000 National Biography award on Monday – yet another award the refugee was unable to accept in person, as he enters his sixth year of detention on Manus Island.   Boochani’s autobiography ‘No Friend but the Mountains’ tells of his journey from Indonesia to Australia by boat, and his subsequent imprisonment on Manus Island by the Australian government, which continues to refuse him entry.   The journalist and activist composed the book one text message at the time from Manus. It was translated from Persian by his friend Omid Tofighian. ‘No Friend but the Mountains’ has already won $125,000 at the Victorian premier’s literary awards, the country’s richest literary prize; $10,000 at the New South Wales premier’s literary awards; and non-fiction book of the year at the Australian Book Industry Awards. Boochani appeared at the awards ceremony via WhatsApp. “I don’t want to talk about literature, I would [just] like to say that I think the literature community as a part of civil society of Australia are part of our resistance in front of this system, and I think it is very valuable, and I do appreciate everyone for recognizing my work,” he said.   He thanked the prize organizers, Tofighian and his first translator, Moones Mansoubi, as well as his other supporters. “I think history will judge this generation and will judge all of us in this hard and dark period of Australian history,” he said.     ]]> Literature and Art Tue, 13 Aug 2019 10:16:52 GMT http://www.ibna.ir/en/doc/naghli/279510/iranian-writer-boochani-wins-national-biography-award Tehran meeting, “Haddad on Alfred Döblin” due ‎ http://www.ibna.ir/en/doc/tolidi/279459/tehran-meeting-haddad-on-alfred-döblin-due According to IBNA correspondent, the meeting which is titled “Haddad on Alfred Doblin” will focus on ‘Berlin Alexanderplatz’ which has been translated by Haddad and has been recently published by Lahita Publishing in Tehran. The event will be attended by several Iranian literati and experts.     The masterpiece of Alfred Döblin concerns a murderer, Franz Biberkopf, fresh from prison. When his friend murders the prostitute on whom Biberkopf has been relying as an anchor, he realizes that he will be unable to extricate himself from the underworld into which he has sunk.   He must deal with misery, lack of opportunities, crime and the imminent ascendency of Nazism. During his struggle to survive against all odds, life rewards him with an unsuspected surprise but his happiness will not last as the story continues.   The narrative style of the novel is sometimes compared to that of James Joyce's, critics such as Walter Benjamin have drawn a distinction between 'Ulysses’ interior monologue and ‘Berlin Alexanderplatz's’ use of montage.   The program will be held on Tuesday, August 13 at 4:30 p.m.   ]]> Literature and Art Sun, 11 Aug 2019 13:36:19 GMT http://www.ibna.ir/en/doc/tolidi/279459/tehran-meeting-haddad-on-alfred-döblin-due ‎‘Double Lives, Second Chances’ on Kieslowski reaches Iranian fans http://www.ibna.ir/en/doc/tolidi/279451/double-lives-second-chances-on-kieslowski-reaches-iranian-fans According to IBNA correspondent, with a Foreword by acclaimed French actress, Irene Jacob, ‘Double Lives, Second Chances: The Cinema of Krzysztof Kieslowski’ has been translated into Persian by Mohammad-Reza Sheikhi who suggests: “Kieslowski was so much concerned for social and political issues that felt it is better to express his ideas more directly and bluntly through documentary and short films.”   Krzysztof Kieslowski, who passed away in 1996, perfected his art in movies filled with mesmerizing images of beauty and danger. His best-known films, ‘Blue’; ‘White’; ‘Red’; ‘The Double Life of Veronique’; and ‘The Decalogue’, remain watershed events in filmmaking history. Author Annette Insdorf, Kieslowski's close friend and translator, offers a revealing portrait of his life and monumental body of work.   From the gold-bathed images of ‘The Double Life of Veronique’ to the emotionally dark, visually haunting Blue, Kieslowski’s films explore personal and social issues with inimitable brilliance. This book includes an updated introduction with information on the much-anticipated release of ‘Heaven’ (March 2002) which Kieslowski wrote and planned to film before he died unexpectedly in March 1996.   Annette Insdorf (born c. 1950) is an American film historian, author and interviewer. She has written numerous books on various cinema-related topics, including on filmmakers François Truffaut and Philip Kaufman. In 2018, she was awarded the Mel Novikoff Award at the 2018 San Francisco International Film Festival.   ‘Double Lives, Second Chances: The Cinema of Krzysztof Kieslowski’ has been released by Cheshmeh Publishing in Tehran in 214 pages and 700 copies.   ]]> Literature and Art Sun, 11 Aug 2019 12:20:34 GMT http://www.ibna.ir/en/doc/tolidi/279451/double-lives-second-chances-on-kieslowski-reaches-iranian-fans Persian language kids read ‘Adventures of Frog & Toad’ ‎ http://www.ibna.ir/en/doc/tolidi/279566/persian-language-kids-read-adventures-of-frog-toad According to IBNA correspondent, the books which contain amusing and educational stories for children have been translated by Nastaran Sadeghi into Persian and released by Avay-e Kalar Publishing. Twenty-five years ago, readers were introduced to Frog and Toad and instantly fell in love. Since publication, books about these two lovable friends have won numerous awards. Frog and Toad are Friends was named a Caldecott Honor Book in 1971 and Frog and Toad Together was a 1973 Newbery Honor Book. Frog and Toad are Friends, Days with Frog and Toad, and Frog and Toad Together are Arnold Lobel's most beloved legacy to young readers. Arnold Lobel (1933-1987) was one of the most loved creators of children's books. He wrote and/or illustrated more than sixty books for children and is perhaps best known for his ‘I Can Read Books’ about Frog and Toad. In 1971 'Frog and Toad are Friends' was named a Caldecott Honor Book. The second in the series, 'Frog and Toad' Together was named a 1973 Newbery Honor Book. In 1980 he received the Caldecott Medal for his book Fables.   ‘Adventures of Frog & Toad’ in Persian has been published in 1000 copies. ]]> Literature and Art Sat, 10 Aug 2019 09:50:45 GMT http://www.ibna.ir/en/doc/tolidi/279566/persian-language-kids-read-adventures-of-frog-toad Administrative bureaucracy of Grant Plan to be downplayed ‎ http://www.ibna.ir/en/doc/naghli/279385/administrative-bureaucracy-of-grant-plan-to-be-downplayed According to IBNA correspondent quoting the public relations department of Iran's Ministry of Culture and Islamic Guidance, in this meeting which was held on Monday, August 5, Javadi said: “The secretariat of the Grant Plan may play a more active role in communication with foreign publishers and develop the program. The books of Iranian elites and scientists are also needed to be covered in this plan.”   “Also, the secretariat can provide a comprehensive archive from the Persian books translated into foreign languages and explore the best strategy to support the translation of the other intended works,” he added. Following the session, the executive secretary of the Grant Plan Ali Fereidouni presented a report of the measures taken by the plan, “Until now, 400 Persian books have been translated into foreign languages through the plan and we have tried to be directly involved in negotiations with publishers,” he said.   At the end of the meeting, it was determined that from now on, the financial support for the translation of Persian books for children and young adults will be up to €1000 and for adults books will be €3000.         ]]> Literature and Art Tue, 06 Aug 2019 13:44:28 GMT http://www.ibna.ir/en/doc/naghli/279385/administrative-bureaucracy-of-grant-plan-to-be-downplayed New Persian translations of Ágota Kristóf’s ‘Twins Trilogy’ available http://www.ibna.ir/en/doc/tolidi/279559/new-persian-translations-of-ágota-kristóf-s-twins-trilogy-available According to IBNA correspondent, the new Persian translations of ‘The Notebook’ and ‘The Proof’ have been accomplished by Ghasem San’avi and released by Nahid Publishing in Tehran. Earlier, Asghar Nouri translated the books into Persian which were printed by Morvarid Publishing.   The trilogy features another book, ‘The Third Lie’ and the compilation is formally titled (The Book of Lies - Twins Trilogy #1-3). These three internationally acclaimed novels have confirmed Agota Kristof's reputation as one of the most provocative exponents of new-wave European fiction.   With all the stark simplicity of a fractured fairy tale, the trilogy tells the story of twin brothers, Claus and Lucas, locked in an agonizing bond that becomes a gripping allegory of the forces that have divided "brothers" in much of Europe since World War II.   Kristof's postmodern saga begins with ‘The Notebook’, in which the brothers are children, lost in a country torn apart by conflict, who must learn every trick of evil and cruelty merely to survive.   In ‘The Proof’, Lucas is challenging to prove his own identity and the existence of his missing brother, a defector to the "other side." The Third Lie, which closes the trilogy, is a biting parable of Eastern and Western Europe today and a deep exploration into the nature of identity, storytelling, and the truths and untruths that lie at the heart of them all.   ‘The Notebook’ and ‘The Proof’ have been respectively published in 174 and 184 pages and 550 copies.   ]]> Literature and Art Mon, 05 Aug 2019 13:16:07 GMT http://www.ibna.ir/en/doc/tolidi/279559/new-persian-translations-of-ágota-kristóf-s-twins-trilogy-available Copyright of Iranian novel 'Immortal' transferred to Lebanese publisher http://www.ibna.ir/en/doc/tolidi/279275/copyright-of-iranian-novel-immortal-transferred-to-lebanese-publisher According to IBNA correspondent, ‘Immortal’ which has been written by Sadeq Karamyar will be soon translated into Arabic and is scheduled to be released in Arabic language countries.   Al-Ma'aref Publishing has released many books and has participated in different book fairs in Arabian countries. It is also a member of the Arab Language Union of Publishers.   The move is deemed positively since Arab language readers who have many cultural and regional commonalities with Iran are less informed about Iranian and Persian literature.   The author Sadeq Karamyar was born in 1959 in Tehran. He studied theology and began to work as a journalist. He has other books in his career as well such as ‘Burning Plains’ ‘Pain’ and ‘Hidden Being’. The 272 pages 'Immortal' has been reprinted 29 times by Neyestan Publishing in Tehran.   ]]> Literature and Art Sat, 03 Aug 2019 11:06:38 GMT http://www.ibna.ir/en/doc/tolidi/279275/copyright-of-iranian-novel-immortal-transferred-to-lebanese-publisher ‎ ‘The Gathering’ by Anne Enright available in Iranian bookstores http://www.ibna.ir/en/doc/tolidi/279354/the-gathering-by-anne-enright-available-in-iranian-bookstores According to IBNA correspondent, the book which traces a mystery in a large Irish family has been translated into Persian by Mina Saffar and printed by Jomhouri publishing in Tehran. ‘Gathering’ is the fourth novel by Anne Enright and winner of the 2007 Booker Prize.    The novel is a portrait of a large Irish family and a shot of fresh blood into the Irish literary tradition, combining the lyricism of the old with the shock of the new. The nine surviving children of the Hegarty clan are gathering in Dublin for the wake of their wayward brother, Liam, drowned in the sea.   His sister, Veronica, collects the body and keeps the dead man company, guarding the secret she shares with him—something that happened in their grandmother’s house in the winter of 1968. ‘Gathering’ in Persian has been published in 295 pages and 1000 copies.       ]]> Literature and Art Fri, 02 Aug 2019 10:57:46 GMT http://www.ibna.ir/en/doc/tolidi/279354/the-gathering-by-anne-enright-available-in-iranian-bookstores ‎Jodi Picoult’s ‘Small Great Things’ appears in Persian http://www.ibna.ir/en/doc/tolidi/279049/jodi-picoult-s-small-great-things-appears-in-persian According to IBNA correspondent, ‘Small Great Things’ which features two main characters, a black American woman and his white defense lawyer has been translated into Persian by Mohsen Jazeb and released by Elmi Publishing in Tehran.   The author, Jodi Lynn Picoult was awarded the New England Bookseller Award for fiction in 2003. Currently, approximately 14 million copies of her books are in print worldwide, translated into 34 languages including Persian. Picoult studied creative writing at Princeton University and graduated in 1987. She published two short stories in ‘Seventeen’ magazine while still in college. Immediately after graduation, she began a variety of jobs, ranging from editing textbooks to teaching eighth-grade English. She earned a master's degree in education from Harvard University. Her first novel is ‘Songs of the Humpback Whale’ (1992). The story line of ‘Small Great Things’ which its titled quotes from the words of Martin Luther King involves an African-American labor/delivery nurse in charge of newborns at a Connecticut hospital. She is ordered not to touch the baby of a white supremacist couple. After the baby dies in her care, she is charged with murder and taken to court. The story is told from the complex multiple racial perspectives of the principal characters, the nurse Ruth, Turk Bauer, the white supremacist father of the baby, and Kennedy McQuarrie, Ruth's lawyer. ‘Small Great Things’ in Persian has been published in 496 pages and 300 copies.     ]]> Literature and Art Thu, 01 Aug 2019 10:20:52 GMT http://www.ibna.ir/en/doc/tolidi/279049/jodi-picoult-s-small-great-things-appears-in-persian Iranian poet Hossein Ahi passes away http://www.ibna.ir/en/doc/tolidi/279034/iranian-poet-hossein-ahi-passes-away According to IBNA correspondent, born in Tehran in 1953, Ahi who was also prolific in research works on the Iranian classical poetry and authored over 25 books including ‘The Meters of Persian Poetry’, ‘A Study on Khayyam’ and ‘A Comprehensive Study on the Meters of Persian Poetry’ about the subject. In his literary programs for the state-run Iranian TV titled, ‘With the Caravan of Poetry and Music’ which was broadcast in early 2000, he also strived to consider and promote Persian poetry. He had a nighttime radio program titled ‘Spectacle of the Secret’ which was aired for several years. Ahi contributed to a number of Iranian cultural journals as well writing extensively about the works of Iranian classic poets.   ]]> Literature and Art Wed, 31 Jul 2019 10:18:39 GMT http://www.ibna.ir/en/doc/tolidi/279034/iranian-poet-hossein-ahi-passes-away Psychological thriller ‘The Glass Cell’ available to Iranian readers http://www.ibna.ir/en/doc/tolidi/279184/psychological-thriller-the-glass-cell-available-to-iranian-readers According to IBNA correspondent, the novel which reveals the influence of Dostoevsky and existentialism on Patricia Highsmith has been translated into Persian by Shahpour Azimi and released by Chatrang publishing in Tehran. In his introduction to the book, Azimi writes: “I saw the name of Patricia Highsmith first in the credits of the film ‘Strangers on a Train’ by Alfred Hitchcock. It has been so fascinating for me to see that some of the greatest authors of detective fiction are women. Later, due to my interest in this literary genre, I began to translate ‘The Glass Cell’.” Based on a true story, ‘The Glass Cell’ is Highsmith's deeply disturbing fictionalization of everything she learned. The novel opens with a graphic scene of prison violence in which guards string a prisoner up by his thumbs. This sadistic torture leaves the man with permanent damage; in prison, he manages the pain with doctor-administered morphine injections. The prisoner is Philip Carter, a sweet-natured and naïve young engineer who has been sentenced to ten years for fraud, though he is actually innocent. After the only close friend he makes in prison is killed in a riot, Carter becomes protractedly depressed, less concerned with conscience, and more easily violent. He harbors the idea that his wife, Hazel, is having an affair with a lawyer, David, who is supposedly working to obtain a pardon for Carter. After six years, Carter is released. David helps him gain employment but, in due course, the affair is admitted and ongoing. Carter's character and personality have been so transformed by his incarceration that, when he is driven to confront those who have betrayed him, as well as those responsible for framing him, there are deadly consequences.   ‘The Glass Cell’ in Persian has been published in 354 pages and 1000 copies.     ]]> Literature and Art Wed, 31 Jul 2019 09:41:38 GMT http://www.ibna.ir/en/doc/tolidi/279184/psychological-thriller-the-glass-cell-available-to-iranian-readers IWAN quarterly published in Persian and French http://www.ibna.ir/en/doc/tolidi/279168/iwan-quarterly-published-in-persian-and-french According to IBNA correspondent, the Journal has been published by Iran’s Cultural Attaché to Paris. Several French and Iranian academics and researchers have contributed to this issue which features 17 articles in 250 pages with a focus on, and cultural fields between Iran and France. History, comparative literature, arts, the history of literary translation and document studies are among the subjects which have been covered in the fourth issue of IWAN. The Journal comprises examples of literary translations printed in the past and present. The history of Iranian cinema in France is the other subject which has been discussed in the quarterly. To read an online version visit: http://ccip-iwan.com/fr/.     ]]> Literature and Art Tue, 30 Jul 2019 11:57:14 GMT http://www.ibna.ir/en/doc/tolidi/279168/iwan-quarterly-published-in-persian-and-french ‎‘Selected Writings of Luis Buñuel’ reaches Iranian bookstores‎ http://www.ibna.ir/en/doc/shortint/279127/selected-writings-of-luis-buñuel-reaches-iranian-bookstores The book by the leading Spanish filmmaker Luis Buñuel on his works and other director’s films was translated into English by Garrett White with a foreword by Jean-Claude Carriere and afterwords by Juan Luis Buñuel and Rafael Buñuel.   Speaking to IBNA on the reviews Buñuel has written about some of the films of his colleagues, the Persian translator of the book, Shiva Moghanlou says: “He has two types of approaches to these films. On one hand, his writings suggest that he approves some of the films made by his contemporaneous filmmakers and shows sympathy to them and considers them as good films.” “On the other hand, he has a critical view on some other films which have already made a sensation and are still celebrated, but he believes they shouldn't be taken that much serious and significant in general, he refers to films to make a case for his own worldview,” she added. The first part of the book was translated by her into Persian and published a few years ago, and now the second part of the book titled ‘The Discreet Charm of Buñuel’ is released featuring some of his screenplays as well. ‘An Unspeakable Betrayal’ is introduced as: “Although Luis Buñuel, one of the great filmmakers of the century, was notoriously reluctant to discuss his own work in public, he wrote-and wrote well-on many subjects over the years. This collection proceeds chronologically, from poetry and short stories written in Buñuel's youth in Spain to an essay written in 1980, not long before his death. Newly translated into English, the writings offer startling insights into the filmmaker's life and thought.   The earliest pieces came well before Buñuel joined the Surrealist movement in Paris and created the landmark film ‘Un chien andalou’ with Salvador Dalí. Yet these and the early Surrealist writings reveal the inventiveness of the mind that would later create such masterpieces of cinema as ‘L'Age d'or’, ‘Los olvidados’, ‘Viridiana’, ‘The Milky Way’, ‘The Discreet Charm of the Bourgeoisie’, and ‘That Obscure Object of Desire’.   Later writings, which include screenplays and reflections on his own and others' films, illuminate many aspects of Buñuel's career, as well as the ways of thinking and perceiving that underlie his unique cinematic style. The final essay by this artist sums up his view of the world--still vibrant and full of contradictions--at the end of his life. ‘An Unspeakable Betrayal, Selected Writings of Luis Buñuel’ in Persian has been released by Cheshmeh Publishing in 97 pages and 1000 copies.   ]]> Literature and Art Tue, 30 Jul 2019 11:09:52 GMT http://www.ibna.ir/en/doc/shortint/279127/selected-writings-of-luis-buñuel-reaches-iranian-bookstores ‎‘The English Patient’ available to Iranian readers http://www.ibna.ir/en/doc/tolidi/278853/the-english-patient-available-to-iranian-readers According to IBNA correspondent, the Booker Prize-winning novel has been translated into Persian by Niloufar Sarhadi and released by Jomhouri Publishing in Tehran.   ‘The English Patient’ traces the intersection of four damaged lives in an Italian villa at the end of World War II. Hana, the exhausted nurse; the maimed thief, Caravaggio; the wary sapper, Kip: each is haunted by the riddle of the English patient, the nameless, burned man who lies in an upstairs room and whose memories of passion, betrayal, and rescue illuminate this book like flashes of heat lightning. Philip Michael Ondaatje is a Sri Lanka-born Canadian poet, fiction writer, essayist, novelist, editor and filmmaker. He is the recipient of multiple literary awards such as the Governor General's Award, the Giller Prize, the Booker Prize, and the Prix Médicis étranger. Ondaatje is also an Officer of the Order of Canada, recognizing him as one of Canada's most renowned living authors. ‘The English Patient’ in Persian has been published in 1000 copies.     ]]> Literature and Art Sun, 28 Jul 2019 10:33:07 GMT http://www.ibna.ir/en/doc/tolidi/278853/the-english-patient-available-to-iranian-readers ‎‘Introduction to Twentieth-Century American Poetry’ to be reviewed http://www.ibna.ir/en/doc/tolidi/278849/introduction-to-twentieth-century-american-poetry-be-reviewed According to IBNA correspondent, the book has been translated into Persian by Kamran Ahmad-Goli and Bahador Bagheri will be discussed at a meeting with the translators and an expert, Mas’oud Jafari Jazi in attendance.   ‘The Cambridge Introduction to Twentieth-Century American Poetry’ is designed to give readers a brief but thorough introduction to the various movements, schools, and groups of American poets in the twentieth century. It will help readers to understand and analyze modern and contemporary poems. The first part of the book deals with the transition from the nineteenth-century lyric to the modernist poem, focusing on the work of major modernists such as Robert Frost, T. S. Eliot, Ezra Pound, Wallace Stevens, Marianne Moore, and W. C. Williams. In the second half of the book, the focus is on groups such as the poets of the Harlem Renaissance, the New Critics, the Confessionals, and the Beats. In each chapter, discussions of the most important poems are placed in the larger context of literary, cultural, and social history. The translators have added footnotes to the book which makes it more easier and enjoyable for the Persian readers.     ]]> Literature and Art Thu, 25 Jul 2019 11:41:32 GMT http://www.ibna.ir/en/doc/tolidi/278849/introduction-to-twentieth-century-american-poetry-be-reviewed ‎‘When Never Comes’ rendered into Persian ‎ http://www.ibna.ir/en/doc/tolidi/278743/when-never-comes-rendered-into-persian According to IBNA correspondent, written by Barbara Davis who left the corporate world to finally pursue her lifelong passion for writing, ‘When Never Comes’ has been translated into Persian by Ma’edeh Besharat and released by Elmi Publishing in Tehran. Synopsis of the novel reads: “As a teenage runaway and child of an addict, Christy-Lynn learned the hard way that no address was permanent, and no promise sacred. For a while, she found a safe haven in her marriage to bestselling crime novelist Stephen Ludlow- until his car skidded into Echo Bay. But Stephen's wasn't the only body pulled from the icy waters that night. When details about a mysterious violet-eyed blonde become public, a media circus ensues, and Christy-Lynn runs again.   Desperate for answers, she's shattered to learn that Stephen and his mistress had a child--a little girl named Iris, who now lives in poverty with her ailing great-grandmother. The thought of Iris abandoned to the foster care system--as Christy-Lynn once was, is unbearable. But she's spent her whole life running--determined never to be hurt again.”   Davis has written four other novels which have not been translated into Persian. Her other novels are: 'The Secrets She Carried' (2013); 'The Wishing Tide' (2014); 'Summer at Hideaway Key' (2015) and 'Love, Alice' (2016).      ]]> Literature and Art Wed, 24 Jul 2019 12:35:21 GMT http://www.ibna.ir/en/doc/tolidi/278743/when-never-comes-rendered-into-persian Plight of a French family in ‘How Baptiste Died’‎ http://www.ibna.ir/en/doc/tolidi/279437/plight-of-a-french-family-in-how-baptiste-died According to IBNA correspondent, it is the first novel by Alain Blottière which has been translated into Persian, a writer who particularly concerns for children and young adults in his works. ‘How Baptiste Died’ has been translated into Persian by Abol-Fazl Allahdadi and released by No Publishing in Tehran. The book has won Mottart Prize of the French Academy, Prize December 2016, and Grand Prix Jean Giono 2016.   Baptiste is abducted in the desert by Boko Haram, the group of jihadist terrorist organization based in northeastern Nigeria with his parents and his brothers. After several weeks of captivity, he is the only one who is left alive. What has become of his family? Why was he released? Above all, why does he claim that "Baptiste is dead" and insists that he be called "Yumai", the name that his captors' members of Boko Haram gave him? Gradually reveals the extraordinary and cruel story of a boy who has not quite left the hell of the jihadist group.     ]]> Literature and Art Sun, 21 Jul 2019 10:51:49 GMT http://www.ibna.ir/en/doc/tolidi/279437/plight-of-a-french-family-in-how-baptiste-died Two Persian translations of '1984' to be reviewed in Tehran http://www.ibna.ir/en/doc/tolidi/278529/two-persian-translations-of-1984-to-be-reviewed-in-tehran According to IBNA correspondent, the meeting  will be attended by the expert Samaneh Farhadi who will discuss two published translations of ‘1984’ from English into Persian by Saleh Hosseini (released by Niloufar Publishing) and Kaveh Mir-Abbasi (released by Cheshmeh Publishing).   Written by one of the greatest English-language writers of the 20th century '1984' is centered on the risks of government overreach, totalitarianism and repressive regimentation of all persons and behaviours within society.   Eric Arthur Blair (1903-1950) better known by his pen name George Orwell, was also an essayist, journalist and critic, whose work is characterised by lucid prose, awareness of social injustice, opposition to totalitarianism, and outspoken support of democratic socialism.   The program will be held at 4 to 6 p.m. at the Literary House.     ]]> Literature and Art Sat, 20 Jul 2019 10:26:39 GMT http://www.ibna.ir/en/doc/tolidi/278529/two-persian-translations-of-1984-to-be-reviewed-in-tehran ‎‘Geek Love’ by Katherine Dunn offers a grotesque fantasy http://www.ibna.ir/en/doc/tolidi/279118/geek-love-by-katherine-dunn-offers-a-grotesque-fantasy According to IBNA correspondent, ‘Geek Love’ a romantic tale of a carnival family has been translated into Persian by and released by Meshki Publishing in Tehran. ‘Seattle Times’ has compared the novel in terms of narrative to ‘Tin Drum’, a masterpiece by Gunter Grass. ‘Geek Love’ is introduced as the story of the Binewskis, a carny family whose mater- and paterfamilias set out–with the help of amphetamine, arsenic, and radioisotopes–to breed their own exhibit of human oddities. There’s Arturo the Aquaboy, who has flippers for limbs and a megalomaniac ambition worthy of Genghis Khan . . . Iphy and Elly, the lissome Siamese twins . . . albino hunchback Oly, and the outwardly normal Chick, whose mysterious gifts make him the family’s most precious–and dangerous–asset.   As the Binewskis take their act across the backwaters of the U.S., inspiring fanatical devotion and murderous revulsion; as its members conduct their own Machiavellian version of sibling rivalry, ‘Geek Love’ throws its sulfurous light on our notions of the freakish and the normal, the beautiful and the ugly, the holy and the obscene. Family values will never be the same. Katherine Dunn was also a journalist, voice artist, radio personality, book reviewer, and poet. Her ‘Geek Love’ was a finalist for the National Book Award. She described her memory of when she began writing it in the late 1970s, walking to Portland's Washington Park Rose Garden, contemplating nature versus nurture and the genesis of the book with its publication in 1989. ‘Geek Love’ in Persian has been published in 479 pages.   ]]> Literature and Art Fri, 19 Jul 2019 13:53:11 GMT http://www.ibna.ir/en/doc/tolidi/279118/geek-love-by-katherine-dunn-offers-a-grotesque-fantasy Nouveau Roman, ‘The Libera’ published in Persian http://www.ibna.ir/en/doc/tolidi/279054/nouveau-roman-the-libera-published-in-persian According to IBNA correspondent, the book has been translated into Persian by Atefeh Tahaei and released by Meshki publishing in Tehran. Robert Pinget (1920-1997) was a prolific author in the style of the Nouveau Roman who, in the course of 46 years, published 14 novels, 11 plays and several books of essays. He was considered a master of dialogue and was renowned for his intricate and carefully wrought style. "I hear my characters more than I see them," he told the Paris-based daily Libération in his last interview. "I transcribe what they say. To write, I have to hear what I write." ‘The Libera’ (in French: Le Libera), is his thirteenth book. The voice we hear in, has no age, no sex and we could say has no identity. She speaks of a small village, it describes its inhabitants, describes some important events, offering assumptions and comments. It contradicts itself, gets confused, repeats itself, mixes facts, eras and characters. 'The Inquisitory,' perhaps the best-known novel by Pinget, is characteristic of his approach to fiction. A technical masterpiece, it is a large novel consisting entirely of question and answer where the reader must work out the truth and its meaning for himself. 'The Libera’ in Persian has been published in 228 pages and 500 copies.           ]]> Literature and Art Fri, 19 Jul 2019 11:50:46 GMT http://www.ibna.ir/en/doc/tolidi/279054/nouveau-roman-the-libera-published-in-persian Persian language courses to be held in Karachi http://www.ibna.ir/en/doc/naghli/278745/persian-language-courses-to-be-held-in-karachi According to IBNA correspondent, quoting from the public relations department of Islamic Culture and Relations Organization, the plan was set at a meeting between Fa’ezeh Zahra Mirza, a professor of Persian language and literature at University of Karachi and Bahram Kian, in charge of Iran’s Culture House in Karachi on boosting cultural ties between Iran and Pakistan particularly in terms of paying more attention to Persian language. Referring to the cultural and historical roots of Persian language in Karachi, Kian said: “We are seeking effective ways to strengthen our cooperation with the Persian department of Karachi University and are ready to use the experiences of professors in this university.” “Since the Persian Department of Karachi University is the mainstay of promoting our language and literature in the city, we are going to hold a meeting with the director and instructors of the department to resolve the problems on the way of developing the Persian language in the region,” he said. Following the session, Fa’ezeh Zahra Mirza was assigned to teach in the aforementioned Persian language and literature courses organized by Iran’s Cultural House.   ]]> Literature and Art Thu, 18 Jul 2019 13:58:49 GMT http://www.ibna.ir/en/doc/naghli/278745/persian-language-courses-to-be-held-in-karachi Noted Dutch writer’s ‘The Evenings’ published in Persian http://www.ibna.ir/en/doc/tolidi/278441/noted-dutch-writer-s-the-evenings-published-in-persian According to IBNA correspondent, the book has been translated into Persian by Morteza Gholami and released by Elmi Publishing in Tehran. ‘The Evenings: A Winter's Tale’ (Dutch: De avonden: Een winterverhaal) is the first novel by Gerard Reve released in November 1947 under the pseudonym "Simon van het Reve". In terms of character and atmosphere, it has been compared to ‘The Stranger’, a masterpiece by Alber Camos.   The novel describes ten evenings out of the life of the 23-year-old cynical and aimless office clerk Frits van Egters living in Amsterdam. It is partitioned into ten chapters, of which each describes an evening between 22 and 31 December 1946.   The novel was written very shortly after World War II. Though the war itself is hardly mentioned, the story gives, by describing an individual's experiences, a detailed description of contemporary post-war society which was marked by fear, boredom and loneliness.   In a 2002 poll, members of the Society for Dutch Literature ranked ‘The Evenings’ first among works since 1900 in the Dutch canon. In 2007, the novel was named as one of the Top 10 Dutch language novels of all time by readers of the newspaper NRC Handelsblad. The work was also adapted into a 1989 Dutch film directed by Rudolf van den Berg.   ‘The Evenings’ in Persian has been published in 187 pages.      ]]> Literature and Art Wed, 17 Jul 2019 13:46:41 GMT http://www.ibna.ir/en/doc/tolidi/278441/noted-dutch-writer-s-the-evenings-published-in-persian ‎‘Dinner’ by César Aira at Iranian bookstores http://www.ibna.ir/en/doc/tolidi/278289/dinner-by-césar-aira-at-iranian-bookstores According to IBNA correspondent, ‘Dinner’ (in Spanish: La cena) has been translated from Spanish into Persian by Vandad Jalili features Science Fiction, Apocalyptic and Post-Apocalyptic themes.   The book is introduced as: “Was it a nightmare—the result of a bad case of indigestion—or did something truly scary happen after dinner in the Argentine town of Coronel Pringles? One Saturday night a bankrupt bachelor in his sixties and his mother dine with a wealthy friend. They discuss their endlessly connected neighbors. They talk about a mysterious pit that opened up one day, and the old bricklayer who sometimes walked to the cemetery to cheer himself up.   Anxious to show off his valuable antiques, the host shows his guests old windup toys and takes them to admire an enormous doll. Back at home, the bachelor decides to watch some late night TV before retiring.   The news quickly takes a turn for the worse as, horrified, the newscaster finds herself reporting about the dead rising from their graves, leaving the cemetery, and sucking the blood of the living—all somehow, disturbingly reminiscent of the dinner party.”   César Aira is an exponent of Argentine contemporary literature. Aira has published over a hundred short books of stories, novels and essays. In fact, at least since 1993, a hallmark of his work is an almost frenetic level of writing and publication—two to five novella-length books each year. His works, ‘Shantytown’ and ‘The Literary Conference’ have already been translated into Persian.   ‘Dinner’ in Persian has been released by Cheshmeh Publishing in Tehran in 92 pages and 700 copies.   ]]> Literature and Art Fri, 12 Jul 2019 14:03:28 GMT http://www.ibna.ir/en/doc/tolidi/278289/dinner-by-césar-aira-at-iranian-bookstores ‎‘The Lying Game’ by Ruth Ware at Iranian bookstores http://www.ibna.ir/en/doc/naghli/278286/the-lying-game-by-ruth-ware-at-iranian-bookstores According to IBNA correspondent quoting from the public relations office of Elmi Publishing in Tehran, the book by bestselling author Ruth Ware has been translated by Haniyeh Doust Ushani in 350 pages. Synopsis of ‘The Lying Game’ reads: “Isa Wilde knows something terrible has happened when she receives this text from an old friend. Why else would Kate summon her and their two friends Thea and Fatima to the seaside town where they briefly attended school together seventeen years ago?   The four friends first met at Salten House boarding school, where they quickly bonded over The Lying Game, a risky contest that involved tricking fellow boarders and faculty with their lies.   But the game had consequences, and the girls were eventually expelled after Kate’s dad, their beloved art teacher, mysteriously disappeared. Forever bound by their lies but needing to forget their past, they went their separate ways—Kate remaining in Salten while the other three left to start new lives in and around London.   Now reunited, Isa, Kate, Thea, and Fatima discover that their past lies had far-reaching effects and criminal implications that threaten them all. In order to protect their reputations, and their friendship, they must uncover the truth about what really happened all those years ago.”   ]]> Literature and Art Thu, 11 Jul 2019 12:01:29 GMT http://www.ibna.ir/en/doc/naghli/278286/the-lying-game-by-ruth-ware-at-iranian-bookstores Persian literature department to be established in Kabul University http://www.ibna.ir/en/doc/naghli/278227/persian-literature-department-to-be-established-in-kabul-university According to IBNA correspondent, quoting from the public relations department of Islamic Culture and Relations Organization, Iran’s Cultural Attaché to Kabul Reza Maleki met Zohour Omid, director of the constructing project of Persian language and department in Kabul University and a number of other persons in charge of the project. At the meeting, Hamidollah Faroughi, an advisor to Afghanistan President in higher education affairs referred to the cultural cooperation of Iran and Afghanistan and described the cultural interactions of Germany, France, China, Turkey and Pakistan who have departments in the University of Kabul and culturally interact with Afghanistan. Following the session, Omid gave details about the process, maps provided and responsibilities of those involved in the project.     ]]> Literature and Art Wed, 10 Jul 2019 11:10:32 GMT http://www.ibna.ir/en/doc/naghli/278227/persian-literature-department-to-be-established-in-kabul-university ‎‘Lincoln in the Bardo’ available in Iranian bookstores http://www.ibna.ir/en/doc/tolidi/278043/lincoln-in-the-bardo-available-iranian-bookstores According to IBNA correspondent, the book has been translated into Persian by Na’eimeh Khalesi and released by Jomhouri Publishing in Tehran.     ‘Lincoln in the Bardo’ is Saunders's first full-length novel and was the New York Times hardcover fiction bestseller for the week of March 5, 2017. It won the 2017 Man Booker Prize. The novel takes place during and after the death of Abraham Lincoln's son William "Willie" Wallace Lincoln and deals with the president's grief at his loss. The bulk of the novel, which takes place over the course of a single evening, is set in the bardo—an intermediate space between life and rebirth.   Saunders is better known for his short stories, but he also writes reports, occasional essays, novellas, children's books, and novels. A professor at Syracuse University, he won the National Magazine Award for fiction in 1994, 1996, 2000, and 2004, and second prize in the O. Henry Awards in 1997.   ‘Lincoln in the Bardo’ in Persian has been published in 376 pages and 1000 copies.     ]]> Literature and Art Mon, 08 Jul 2019 13:16:12 GMT http://www.ibna.ir/en/doc/tolidi/278043/lincoln-in-the-bardo-available-iranian-bookstores Persian language a way of boosting Iran-Pakistan cultural ties http://www.ibna.ir/en/doc/naghli/277988/persian-language-a-way-of-boosting-iran-pakistan-cultural-ties According to IBNA correspondent, quoting from the public relations department of Islamic Culture and Relations Organization, Kazemi said so at a meeting with Iran's Cultural Attaché to Pakistan Ali-Akbar Rezaei Fard.   At the meeting, Rezaei Fard referred to the permanent cooperation of Iran's Culture House in Lahore with Lahore College for Women University and expressed readiness for holding joint conferences and cooperation with the University in all cultural fields   Kazemi who is also responsible for educational programming of Lahore College for Women University said: "Cultural and scientific cooperation between Iran and Pakistan regarding governments support of Mysticism and Sufism chair of the university can potentially develop further."   At the end of the meeting, the last issue of ‘Anahita’ a research magazine was presented to Iran's Cultural Attaché to Pakistan.   ]]> Literature and Art Sun, 07 Jul 2019 12:39:26 GMT http://www.ibna.ir/en/doc/naghli/277988/persian-language-a-way-of-boosting-iran-pakistan-cultural-ties Crime novel ‘Postmortem’ available in Persian http://www.ibna.ir/en/doc/tolidi/277760/crime-novel-postmortem-available-in-persian According to IBNA correspondent, the book which has been translated by Noura Navapour and released by Khazeh Publishing in Tehran is a New York Times Best Seller. ‘Postmortem’ is the first book of the Dr. Kay Scarpetta series which received the 1991 Edgar Award for Best First Novel as well as the French Prix du Roman d’Aventure prize.   The novel’s synopsis reads: “Four women with nothing in common, united only in death. Four brutalized victims of a brilliant monster - a "Mr. Nobody", moving undetected through a paralyzed city, leaving behind a gruesome trail of carnage . . . but few clues. With skilled hands, an unerring eye, and the latest advances in forensic research, an unrelenting female medical examiner - Kay Scarpetta - is determined to unmask a maniac. But someone is trying to sabotage Kay's investigation from the inside. And worse yet, someone wants her dead . . .   Cornwell has sold over 100 million books. To date, Cornwell’s books have sold some 100 million copies in thirty-six languages in over 120 countries. She’s authored twenty-nine New York Times bestsellers.   ‘Postmortem’ in Persian has been published in 360 pages.     ]]> Literature and Art Thu, 04 Jul 2019 08:45:52 GMT http://www.ibna.ir/en/doc/tolidi/277760/crime-novel-postmortem-available-in-persian Website delivers Kiarostami’s view on poetry’s status ‎ http://www.ibna.ir/en/doc/tolidi/277841/website-delivers-kiarostami-s-view-on-poetry-s-status   According to IBNA correspondent, in this video which has been welcomed by the visitors of the website, Kiarostami suggests that pain and poetry are associated with each other.   “I sent my last book of poetry to a French publisher who said we will publish it in 500 copies but we can't pay you. I agreed since I knew that the poetry readership in Europe is less than Iran,” he said.   “However the same book is being published in Iran in 5500 copies, therefore, I believe Iran is a country where poetry is both created extensively and is read extensively,” Kiarostami added.   “I suppose there's a point here which is relevant to the fact that pain and poetry are deeply correlated in a way. In Europe perhaps you don't need to read poetry and enter into a dialogue with someone about your most profound pains; which means a dialogue with the poet and a dialogue with yourself,” the late filmmaker stated. ]]> Literature and Art Wed, 03 Jul 2019 13:25:41 GMT http://www.ibna.ir/en/doc/tolidi/277841/website-delivers-kiarostami-s-view-on-poetry-s-status Greek students of Persian language graduated http://www.ibna.ir/en/doc/naghli/277751/greek-students-of-persian-language-graduated According to IBNA correspondent quoting from the public relations office of Islamic Culture and Relations Organization (ICRO), the exam was held in four levels of elementary, intermediate, advanced, and proficiency at the office of Iran's cultural attaché to Greece.   The graduates who have studied Persian grammar, reading, writing and conversations took both written and oral exams.   The course of Persian language and literature in Greece was also given support by Sa'di foundation in Iran. It has been welcomed by those Greeks interested in Iranian culture and language. Responding to such an interest, last year, the Persian classes were held at Panteion University in Athens set as one of the voluntary courses.                ]]> Literature and Art Wed, 03 Jul 2019 11:05:16 GMT http://www.ibna.ir/en/doc/naghli/277751/greek-students-of-persian-language-graduated Iranian graphic novel ‘Jamshid; Sunset’ to be published in English http://www.ibna.ir/en/doc/naghli/277684/iranian-graphic-novel-jamshid-sunset-to-be-published-in-english According to IBNA correspondent quoting from the public relations office of Hoorakhsh Studio, the producer of the original work in Tehran, Markosia has already published the first two installments of the four-volume graphic novel ‘Jamshid’ created by Ashkan Rahgozar. The British publisher will release ‘Jamshid; Sunset’ and ‘Jamshid; Sunset II’ both online and through book stores on July 10 and August 5 respectively.    The graphic novel is based on the King Jamshid story in the masterpiece of Persian epical poetry ‘Shahnameh’ by Abu’l-Qasem Ferdowsi. The entire work will set the groundwork for the production of an animation film under the same title by Hoorakhsh Studio. Founded by Harry Markos in 2004, the London-based comic book publishing company Markosia has made a name for itself in recent years through the release of works in a variety of genres. Hoorakhsh Studio in Tehran was established in 2005 to produce graphic novels, animation movies and video games. The studio has produced an animation titled ‘The Last Tale’ based on ‘Jamshid’ which narrates the story of Zahhak the evil, Jamshid the King, Kaveh the hero and Afaridoun, a young hero.        ]]> Literature and Art Tue, 02 Jul 2019 11:52:45 GMT http://www.ibna.ir/en/doc/naghli/277684/iranian-graphic-novel-jamshid-sunset-to-be-published-in-english ‎‘Introduction to Comparative Literature’ rendered into Persian http://www.ibna.ir/en/doc/tolidi/278036/introduction-to-comparative-literature-rendered-into-persian According to IBNA correspondent, the book has been translated into Persian by Ali-Reza Anoushirvani, Laleh Atashi and Roghieh Bahadori and released by Iranian Organization of ‎Research and Composing Textbooks on Humanities (SAMT) Publishing in Tehran.   ‘Introduction to Comparative Literature’ features sixteen essays grouped under the headings The Discipline; Relations: Analogies and Influences; Movements and Trends; Genres and Forms; Motifs, Types, Themes. Topics discussed include Jean-Jacques Rousseau, Russia in French letters, romanticism, exoticism, the Bildungsroman, the sonnet, Thomas à Becket, William Tell, and suicide.   The book makes the reader familiar with the historical and philosophical background of comparative literature, and in the later sections this new knowledge is observed from a theoretical and functional viewpoint.   François Jost (1918-2001) was the Professor of French and Comparative Literature, University of Colorado, United States (1977), and then University of Illinois (1965-1988), where he directed the Comparative Literature Program (1965-1970).   ]]> Literature and Art Tue, 02 Jul 2019 11:11:19 GMT http://www.ibna.ir/en/doc/tolidi/278036/introduction-to-comparative-literature-rendered-into-persian Work by “Queen of Suspense” at Iranian bookstores http://www.ibna.ir/en/doc/tolidi/277753/work-by-queen-of-suspense-at-iranian-bookstores According to IBNA correspondent, the book has been translated into Persian by Hamideh Ne’mati and released by Elmi Publishing in Tehran. Each of her 51 books by Mary Higgins Clark has been a bestseller in the United States and various European countries, and all of her novels remained in print as of 2015.   The synopsis of ‘I've Got My Eyes on You’ reads: ‘When a terrible crime shocks a New Jersey community, all signs point to one suspect. But if he's innocent as he claims, it means the murderer is still out there...   After throwing a party when her parents were away, 18-year-old Kerry Dowling is discovered lifeless at the bottom of the family pool. The police immediately question Kerry’s friend, who was seen arguing with her that night.   As neighbors and classmates grieve the loss of their friend, Kerry’s 28-year-old sister Aline, a guidance counselor, searches for answers. She’ll do anything to help the Detective Mike Wilson learn what really happened the night Kerry was killed.   Was someone watching Kerry the night of the murder? For Aline, the truth could be deadly.”     ]]> Literature and Art Sat, 29 Jun 2019 14:02:43 GMT http://www.ibna.ir/en/doc/tolidi/277753/work-by-queen-of-suspense-at-iranian-bookstores ‎‘Five Feet Apart’ opens new horizons for teen readers http://www.ibna.ir/en/doc/tolidi/277551/five-feet-apart-opens-new-horizons-for-teen-readers According to IBNA correspondent, the book has been translated into Persian by Fa’ezeh Da’emi and Javad Karimi is centered on the life of a 17- year-old girl named Stella Grant who suffers from cystic fibrosis and is active in social media to cope with her illness in a bid to live a normal life. The synopsis of ‘Five Feet Apart’ reads: “Stella Grant likes to be in control—even though her totally out of control lungs have sent her in and out of the hospital most of her life. At this point, what Stella needs to control most is keeping herself away from anyone or anything that might pass along an infection and jeopardize the possibility of a lung transplant. Six feet apart, no exceptions. The only thing Will Newman wants to be in control of is getting out of this hospital. He couldn’t care less about his treatments, or a fancy new clinical drug trial. Soon, he’ll turn eighteen and then he’ll be able to unplug all these machines and actually go see the world, not just its hospitals.   Will’s exactly what Stella needs to stay away from. If he so much as breathes on Stella, she could lose her spot on the transplant list. Either one of them could die. The only way to stay alive is to stay apart. But suddenly six feet doesn’t feel like safety. It feels like punishment.   What if they could steal back just a little bit of the space their broken lungs have stolen from them? Would five feet apart really be so dangerous if it stops their hearts from breaking too?” The novel was adapted into a box office hit movie with the same title directed by Justin Baldoni which screened this year. ‘Five Feet Apart’ in Persian has been released by Elmi va Farhangi Publishing in Tehran.   ]]> Literature and Art Sat, 29 Jun 2019 12:34:21 GMT http://www.ibna.ir/en/doc/tolidi/277551/five-feet-apart-opens-new-horizons-for-teen-readers A collection of Paul Auster's poems rendered into Persian ‎ http://www.ibna.ir/en/doc/tolidi/277490/a-collection-of-paul-auster-s-poems-rendered-into-persian Speaking to IBNA, the Persian translator of the book, Sanaz Moheb  said it is the first time that a collection of Auster’s poems are translated into Persian, although 19 of his novels have already been rendered into Persian. ‘At a Distance of Three Inches' has been released in 175 pages by Sib-e Sorkh (Red Apple) Publishing in Tehran. The book was unveiled in the recent edition of Tehran International Book Fair (TIBF).   “The notable point about this collection is that Auster as a writer of thriller and crime novels here composes philosophical and surreal poems. Concepts such as nothingness, chance, disappointment, and philosophical thinking about death imbue his poetry. As a matter of fact, he terrifies the reader in a way to come to his senses,” she added.   Auster is also a screenwriter and filmmaker. His works have been published in 40 languages throughout the world. He is willing to give Iranian translators permission to write Persian versions of his works in exchange for a small fee, since Iran does not recognize international copyright laws.         ]]> Literature and Art Thu, 27 Jun 2019 09:48:46 GMT http://www.ibna.ir/en/doc/tolidi/277490/a-collection-of-paul-auster-s-poems-rendered-into-persian UNESCO House honors French scholar of Persian literature http://www.ibna.ir/en/doc/tolidi/277396/unesco-house-honors-french-scholar-of-persian-literature According to IBNA correspondent, the ceremony is held on the occasion of honorary membership of Professor Charles-Henri de Fouchecour in the Iranian Academy of Persian Language and Literature and two books he has translated from Persian to French.   Charles-Henri de Fouchecour has translated two Persian Seminal works, the writings of Shams-e Tabrizi and the Collected Poems of Hafez (Divan) into French. He is also the founder of Abstracta Iranica, a bibliographical and critical journal of Iranian studies.   ]]> Literature and Art Tue, 25 Jun 2019 14:03:41 GMT http://www.ibna.ir/en/doc/tolidi/277396/unesco-house-honors-french-scholar-of-persian-literature English translation of Khoramshahi’s ‘Hafiz’ to be unveiled ‎ http://www.ibna.ir/en/doc/tolidi/277145/english-translation-of-khoramshahi-s-hafiz-to-be-unveiled According to IBNA correspondent, the book with the complete title ‘Hafiz: The Tongue of the Hidden, His Life, Views and Poetry’ has been translated into English by Mojtaba and Lili Habibi Rad, edited by Eleanor O’Callaghan and released by Candle and Fog Publishing. Baha al-Din Khurramshahi, a Quran researcher and Hafiz (Hafez) scholar has written 12 books on interpreting and describing words, terms, key concepts and intricate couplets of the Iranian poet whose collected works are regarded as a pinnacle of Persian literature and are often found in the homes of people in the Persian speaking world, who learn his poems by heart and still use them as proverbs and sayings. Hafiz lauds the joys of love and wine but also targets religious hypocrisy. The unveiling ceremony of the book is scheduled for Thursday in the House of Discourse at 9 a.m.          ]]> Literature and Art Wed, 19 Jun 2019 10:41:24 GMT http://www.ibna.ir/en/doc/tolidi/277145/english-translation-of-khoramshahi-s-hafiz-to-be-unveiled