Iran's Book News Agency (IBNA) 13 Jan 2021 - 15:47 -------------------------------------------------- Title : ‎‘Sociology of Art’ outlines sociology and art differences -------------------------------------------------- IBNA- ‘Sociology of Art: A Reader’ edited by Jeremy Tanner which outlines the ‎differences between sociology and art has been translated into Persian and published. ‎ Text : Introducing the fundamental theories and debates in the sociology of art, the book has been translated into Persian by Hassan Khayati and released by Elmi va Farhangi (Scientific and Cultural) Publishing in 499 pages. This broad ranging book, the only edited reader of the sociology of art available, uses extracts from the core foundational and most influential contemporary writers in the field. As such it is essential reading both for students of the sociology of art, and of art history. Divided into five sections, it explores the following key themes: * classical sociological theory and the sociology of art * the social production of art * the sociology of the artist * museums and the social construction of high culture * sociology aesthetic form and the specificity of art. With the addition of an introductory essay that contextualizes the readings within the traditions of sociology and art history, and draws fascinating parallels between the origins and development of these two disciplines, this book opens up a productive interdisciplinary dialogue between sociology and art history as well as providing a fascinating introduction to the subject. Table of Contents: 1. Classical Sociological Theory and the Sociology of Art 2. The Social Production of Art 3. The Sociology of the Artist Commentary 4. Museums and the Social Construction of High Culture Commentary 5. Sociology, Aesthetic Form and the Specificity of Art.