Iran's Book News Agency (IBNA) 13 Nov 2018 - 16:40 -------------------------------------------------- Title : Moroccan expert renders Rumi’s Rubaiyat into Arabic -------------------------------------------------- IBNA- A collection of Rubaiyat (Quatrains) by Mowlana Rumi has been translated by ‎Moroccan expert Ayesha Mumad under the title ‘Yusuf’s Shirt’ and released by Dar al-‎Mahrousa publishing in Egypt.‎ Text : According to IBNA correspondent quoting from Arabian news agency Al Elaph, this translation of a selection of Rubaiyat by the legendary Iranian poet and Sufi mystic Mowlana Jalal ul-Din Rumi, is a follow-up to the efforts of the Moroccan translator and researcher Ayesha Mumad in presenting a collection of Rumi s Sufi poetry into Arabic. She has already translated some of his poetry and a number of Western studies on Rumi about his Sufi teachings, published in the book Rumi between East and West released by Dar al-Mahrousa in Cairo. She also contributed to a collective work on the mysticism of Rumi, as well as translation of a study on the spiritual teachings of Mowlana, published in the UAE which was warmly received by the Arab readers. At the end of Rumi s Divan-e Shams are nearly two thousand quatrains, A. J. Arberry wrote (in 1950) that, maybe about 1,600 are authentic. The quatrains make up about 4 percent of the total verses in the Divan-e Shams. They consist of four half-lines, and their brevity (which challenges the poet to be concise, condensed, terse, pithy, ingenious, witty, subtle) makes them ideal for aphorisms and maxims. Following is a sample of Rubaiyat translated into English: Love is the path and road of our Prophet We were born from Love and Love was our mother. O you who are our mother, you are hidden within veils, Concealed from our disbelieving natures The States of the Lover , p. 456