Iran's Book News Agency (IBNA) 5 Nov 2016 - 23:58 -------------------------------------------------- Title : President Rouhani: Media activists need security -------------------------------------------------- IBNA- Inaugurating the 22nd Press Exhibition underway in Tehran, the Iranian President Hassan Rouhani asserted that journalists and Media activists need security to accomplish their task in bringing security and peace of mind to people. Text : According to IBNA correspondent, the 22nd Iran s Press and Media Exhibition is held on November 4 to 11 in Tehran. More than 900 media, including press organizations, news agencies, newspapers and various journals have participated in the event showcasing their works at 620 booths in the Mosalla of Imam Khomeini. Titled Transparency, Honesty, the exhibition was inaugurated by President Rouhani, who inaugurated two previous editions of this press event in the past years as well. The president condemned the suppression of media based on groundless allegations and evidences believing that the media s key responsibility is to bring peace of mind to the people. He remarked that the media activists are those who promote culture and prepare the ground for social development stressing that the principles of the Islamic movement are using pens, expression of ideas which leads to the progress of the culture. Iran s Press Exhibition is a nationwide end the most significant media event in the country. Reportedly, the organizers of the exhibition have invited a number of international accomplished journalists to exchange their insights and experiences with Iranian journalists at the event.