Iran's Book News Agency (IBNA) 22 May 2013 - 11:41 -------------------------------------------------- Title : Best Sacred Defense works to be honored -------------------------------------------------- Manager of Sacred Defense Museum Garden announced that the books published on Sacred Defense within the next 4 months will be considered by the garden’s experts and the best ones will be honored. Text : IBNA: Speaking with IBNA, Commander Jawad Khazraei stated that free membership in thecenter's library on May 24 and 25 parallel with the anniversary of the liberation of Khoramshahr is one of the programs of the center to mark the event. He further added that the center endorses all the Sacred Defense publications which will be published within the next 4 months and will honor the best ones. The period is marked to begin with the anniversary of liberation of Khoramshahr and end with the Sacred Defense Week. As he said, the panel of experts of the garden monitors books on fiction, poetry, memories, oral history and novels. Furthermore, 200 titles will be added to the works mustered at the garden, he added. The volumes were purchased from the 26th Tehran International Book Fair. The Sacred Defense Museum Garden has about 12,000 books on various topics about the Sacred Defense.