Iran's Book News Agency (IBNA) 5 Oct 2013 - 13:11 -------------------------------------------------- Masoud Dehnamaki: Title : World countries eager to translate ‘Captivity Encyclopedia’ -------------------------------------------------- Other countries are by no accounts ignorant of the subject of Iranian captives in Iraq and have so far leveled a number of offers for translation of the Encyclopedia of Captivity and Iranian POWs, said Masoud Dehnamahi. Text : IBNA: A ceremony was held at Tehran s Vahdat hall to unveil his 80-volume collection by Masoud Dehnamaki in the presence of Mansour Vaezi, Secretary General of the Foundation of Public Libraries, as well as a number of cultural and government officials. In an speech, Vaezi asserted that publication of encyclopedia is one of the pillars of culture in every society, and mentioned the Supreme Leader s naming of the 4th decade of the Islamic Revolution as the decade of Progress and Justice. As he said, provision and translation of encyclopedia into other languages of the world is one of the best ways to transfer the culture of sacrifice and martyrdom. In this line, the Foundation of Iran s Public Libraries has endorsed the publication of Mr. Dehnamaki s work as well as the Persian Gulf Encyclopedia. The latter will hopefully be published by the end of the current year in the Iranian book market.” He went on to say that the Persian Gulf Encyclopedia entails Persian names and entries about the region. He further asserted that the Encyclopedia of Captivity and Iranian POWs should not be considered as a mere 80-volume collection kept in libraries; rather it should become the basis of hundreds of films, TV series and artistic works. After his speech, Vaezi donated the collection to the Islamic Republic of Iran Broadcasting, the Ministry of Culture and Islamic Guidance and every interested thinker in the country. Later in the ceremony Hujatoleslam Aboutorabi posited that all the achievements Iran has so far obtained since the Islamic Revolution stem from the Sacred Defense years. Also in the ceremony, the collection was unveiled by its author, Masoud Dehnamaki, a prominent Sacred Defense director and producer. Dehnamaki offered his work to the Sacred Defense veterans and captives. The feedback received from Iran s enemies indicates that they now our veterans more than we do,” he said in an address. He further elaborated on the encyclopedia s content and structure, and said that as many as 150 individuals, most of whom women, spent over 2 million hours of work to complete the collection. The work is unparalleled in its kind.