Iran's Book News Agency (IBNA) 23 Apr 2019 - 17:02 -------------------------------------------------- Title : ‎‘Decoded’ by Chinese writer Mai Jia to be unveiled -------------------------------------------------- IBNA- The Persian translation of the novel ‘Decoded’ by Mai Jia as well as the Chinese ‎translation of the celebrated Iranian novel ‘Symphony of the Dead’ by Abbas Ma’roufi ‎will be unveiled in Tehran University.‎ Text : According to IBNA correspondent, the ceremony will be held on Wednesday with Mai Jia and the representatives of China Inter-Continental Press which has published both books in attendance. Decoded tells the story of a brilliant Chinese mathematician recruited to work as a cryptographer for his country. It is set primarily in the period surrounding World War II and the Communist revolution. It is Mai Jia s first novel, as well as his first book translated into English. The book was adapted into a 2016 TV series of the same name. It is one of "the 20 best spy novels of all time" by The Daily Telegraph in 2017.