Iran's Book News Agency (IBNA) 22 Dec 2013 - 13:42 -------------------------------------------------- Title : Winner of Goethe Medal to Unveil Meysam Kiani’s ‘U-Turn’ -------------------------------------------------- A ceremony will be held on Friday to unveil the latest story collection by Meysam Kiani entitled as the ‘U-Turn’. Text : IBNA: The work will be unveiled by Mahmoud Husseinizad, winner of the Goethe Medal for his services and commitment as a cultural mediator par excellence in literature, theatre and film, and Asadollah Amraei, prominent translator, at Vista Bookshop in Tehran. The stories shed light on modern sociallifein which the borders between reality and fantasy are blurred sometimes. Social concerns and everyday events are well depicted in the stories by Kiani. From the same writer the Cloudburst was published in Iran which sparked a lot of attention in the market among the readers. The U-Turn entails ten gripping stories like the Wet Notes, the Fall Share, the Capital Umbrella and the Raid. Topics relevant to the Sacred Defense as well as the Iranian society are prevalent in the stories, said the author once.