Iran's Book News Agency (IBNA) 18 Jun 2016 - 23:36 -------------------------------------------------- Title : 12 special meetings at Int’l Quran Exhibition held -------------------------------------------------- IBNA- Director of meetings committee at the 24th International Quran Exhibition in Tehran announced the timetable of the full 12 special sessions of the exhibition. Text : In an interview with IBNA, Hojat ol-Eslam Ali Mullah-Nouri announced the meeting schedule of the 12 special sessions. He added: This program began with two sessions Movement of Understanding the Holy Quran and The Virtual World and the Quran on June 16 and will conclude on Sunday, June 27, 2016, according to the following timetable: 1 Wednesday 95/3/26 Movement of Understanding the Holy Quran Hojat ol-Eslam Mohammad Reza Heshmati and Hojat ol-Eslam Ali Mullah-Nouri 19 to 20:30 2 Wednesday 95/3/26 The Virtual World and the Quran Scholar Rahim Khaki 19 to 20:30 3 Thursday 95/3/27 Family and Understanding the Quran Dr. Fa ezeh Azimzadeh, Nahleh Gharavi 19 to 20:30 4 Friday 95/3/28 Production and Publication of Quoranic Books for Children and Adolescents Mahmoud Hakimi, Ali Reza Sobhani Nasab 19 to 20:30 5 95/3/29 Saturday Nahj al-Balagha and Alavi lifestyle Dr. Bakhsh-Ali Qanbari, University lecturer 19 to 20:30 6 Sunday 95/3/30 Quran in Persian poetry and the unveiling of the book "Quran in Persian poetry." Dr. Amir Esmail Azar 19 to 20:30 7 Tuesday 95/4/1 The Role of Charities and Philanthropists in Understanding the Qur an Dr. Mohammad Saleh Tayyebnia, Faculty member of the University of Isfahan 19 to 20:30 8 Wednesday 95/4/2 The Role of the Media in Understanding the Qur an Hojat ol-Eslam Mohammad Reza Zaeri 19 to 20:30 9 Thursday 95/4/3 Relationship Between Sahifeh Sajjadieh and the Quran Hojat ol-Eslam Mohammad Reza Nourelahian, Lecturer at the university and seminary 19 to 20:30 10 Friday 95/4/4 Quran in the Thoughts and Life of Imam and the Leadership Hojat ol-Eslam Zu elm and Hojat ol-Eslam Khosravi 19 to 20:30 11 Saturday 95/4/5 Language of Quran, Scholar Abbas Salimi 19 تا 20:30 12 Sunday 95/4/6 Toward Understanding the Quran for Children and Young People Marzieh Manouchehri Safa and Sa eed Rouhafza 19 to 20:30 Dates are given in Persian calendar