Iran's Book News Agency (IBNA) 6 Apr 2019 - 18:36 -------------------------------------------------- Title : ‎“Abu Sa’eed Millennium” to be held -------------------------------------------------- IBNA- Tehran’s Book City will hold a conference titled “Millenium of Abu Sa’eed Abul-‎Khayr” to consider ‎the ideas and work of the legendary Iranian Sufi Mystic Abu Sa’eed ‎‎(967-1049). ‎ Text : According to IBNA correspondent quoting from the news website of Tehran s Book City, the event will also commemorate Swiss Islamicist Fritz Meier (1912-1998) who carried out remarkable studies on Sufism. Iranian scholars and experts will deliver lecture in Millenium of Abu Sa eed Abul-Khayr . The event which is scheduled to be held April 10 is centered on the teachings of Abu Sa eed Abul-Khayr whose mystical ideas and poetry played a key role in the evolution of Sufi tradition. One of his teachings is looking upon people equally and unbiasedly which is necessary for taking the path of truth and God. During Abu Sa eed s life, his fame spread throughout the Islamic world, even to Spain. He was the first Sufi writer to widely use ordinary love poems as a way to express and illuminate mysticism, and as such he contributed extensively to the foundation of Persian Sufi poetry. He spent most of his life in Nishapur. The majority of what is known from his life comes from the book Asrar al-Tawhid The Mysteries of Unification ) written by Mohammad Ibn Monavvar, one of his grandsons, 130 years after his death. The scholar Fritz Meier focused on Islamic studies and Sufism, to which he contributed in a distinguished and influential way. For him, this field included Arabic and Persian philology he mastered both languages equally well in the spoken and written form as well as the cultural and religious history of Islamic civilization, and he focused in particular on Islamic mysticism. One of Meier s main objectives was to combine historical research with the understanding and exploration of the human phenomenon, and the goal which he pursued during his entire life was to grasp the essence of religion.