IBNA- Nonfiction history book, 'The Unquiet Ghost' (1994) by American author, ‎journalist and historian Adam Hochschild on the aftermath of the Great Purges of the ‎‎1930s in the former Soviet Union has been published in Persian. ‎
The book uncovers the puzzling, enduring legacy of Joseph Stalin, the horror inflicted on the victims and their families. Among the victims were 1500 writers. 'The Unquiet Ghost' has been translated into Persian by Soudabeh Ghaisari. Parseh Translation and Publication Agency has released the work in 408 pages and 1100 copies.
In his preface to the book, Adam Hochschild writes: “I hope you will find it as moving as I did meet the people in this book: veterans of gulag, men and women whose parents are buried in mass graves, a daughter struggling to reconcile her love for her father with the hundreds of death warrants he signed, two most unusual former secret policemen, and a woman who, as a teenager half a century ago, had courage matched by no adult around her.”
Hochschild spent the first half of 1991 in the former Soviet Union interviewing gulag survivors, former camp guards and members of the secret police, writers, artists, human rights activists, neo-Stalinists and ordinary citizens about their opinions of Stalin.
This haunting and powerful report reveals that the dictator's legacy persists in widespread denial, amnesia, numbness and pervasive fear among people whose lives were scarred by mass arrests, killings and Stalin's spy network.
Hochschild ( The Mirror at Midnight ) traveled to Kolyma, site of the deadliest camps; he interviewed Valentin Berezhkov, who was Stalin's English-language interpreter and privy to the regime's inner circle; he visited Moscow's KGB archives and was given files of American victims of the gulag.
Comparing Stalin's purges to the witch craze of early medieval Europe, Hochschild attributes this “self-inflicted genocide'' partly to Russians' age-old habits of scapegoating and passive obedience.
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