IBNA- Giving detailed and transparent account of its subjects, ‘Fifty Key Thinkers in ‎Psychology’ (Routledge Key Guides) (2003) by English scholar Noel Sheehy has been ‎translated into Persian and published.‎
‎‘Fifty Key Thinkers in Psychology’ published in Persian
A helpful source for psychology students and researchers, the book has been translated into Persian by Sarah Eskandari. Sales Publishing in Tehran has released ‘Fifty Key Thinkers in Psychology’ in 463 pages and 550 copies.
In his introduction to the book, the writer points out that Modern psychology has its roots in German intellectual and cultural life in the 1840s and 1850s. In comparison with the natural sciences, psychology is a relatively young science and, like any other child has grown enormously in the early years of life.
Fifty Key Thinkers in Psychology introduces the life, thought and work of some of the most influential figures who have shaped and developed modern psychology. It features accessibly written and fully cross-referenced entries on such figures as: Sigmund Freud, Noam Chomsky, Carl Jung, Ivan Pavlov, Jean Piaget, Anne Anastasi, Konrad Lorenz, Hans Eysenck and William James.
This fascinating and informative guide is an invaluable resource for those studying, working in, or who simply want to find out more about psychology.
Noel Sheehy is a Professor and Reader in Psychology at Liverpool John Moores University and was formerly Chair of the School of Psychology at Queen's University Belfast. His research interests are in risk perception and risk communication. He is also co-author of ‘Understanding Suicidal Behaviour’ and ‘Applied Social Psychology’.
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