IBNA- Persian translation of ‘Fifty Major Political Thinkers’ (Routledge Key Guides, ‎‎2003) a discerning and purposeful book by English scholars Ian Adams and R.W. Dyson ‎has been published. ‎
Discerning and purposeful book
The thinkers introduced in this work are both renowned and pioneering. ‘Fifty Major Political Thinkers’ has been translated into Persian by Pirouz Izadi. Sales Publishing in Tehran has released the work in 445 pages and 550 copies.
The book introduces the lives and ideas of some of the most influential figures in Western political thought, from ancient Greece to the present day. The entries provide a fascinating introduction to the major figures and schools of thought that have shaped contemporary politics, including:
    Simone de Beauvoir
    Michel Foucault
    Mohandas Gandhi
    Jurgen Habermas
    Karl Marx
    Thomas Paine
    Jean-Jacques Rousseau
    Mary Wollstonecraft.
Fully cross-referenced and including a glossary of theoretical terms, this wide-ranging and accessible book is essential reading for anyone with an interest in the evolution and history of contemporary political thought.
Table of Contents:
1. Plato  2. Aristotle  3. St Augustine of Hippo  4. John of Salisbury  5. St Thomas Aquinas  6. Marsilius of Padua  7. Machiavelli  8. Thomas More  9. Thomas Hobbes  10. James Harrington
11. John Locke  12. David Hume  13. Montesquieu  14. Jean-Jacques Rousseau  15. Immanuel Kant  16. Johann Gottfried Herder  17. Tom Paine  18. Edmund Burke  19. Mary Wollstonecraft  20. William Goodwin
21. G.F.W. Hegel  22. Jeremy Bentham  23. Fourier  24. Karl Marx  25. Alexis de Tocqueville  26. J.S. Mill  27. Herbert Spencer  28. T.H.Green  29. Friedrich Nietszche  30. Prince Peter Kropotkin
31. Georges Sorel  32. Eduard Bernstein  33. Vladimir Ilich Lenin  34. Max Weber  35. Marcus Garvey  36. Benito Mussolini  37. Hannah Arendt  38. Isaiah Berlin  39. Friedrich von Hayek  40. Mohandas Gandhi
41. Sir Karl Popper  42. Michael Oakeshott  43. Simone de Beauvoir  44. Herbert Marcuse  45. Michel Foucault  46. John Rawls  47. Arne Naess  48. Robert Nozick  49. Jurgen Habermas  50. Jean Francois Lyotard
Ian Adams is Honorary Fellow at the University of Durham. R.W. Dyson is a Lecturer in the School of Government and International Affairs at the University of Durham.
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