IBNA- A selection of compositions by Iranian poet Sajjad Ghanavati translated into ‎Italian under the title 'la farfalla blu' (The Blue Butterfly) has been included in 'The ‎Encyclopedia of Contemporary Italian Poets'. ‎
An Iranian in
Written in 2020, these poems have been translated from Persian to Italian by Ghazal Ghorbanpour, who has previously received international awards for her works.
With an introduction by Italian poet and instructor Giuseppe Alti, 'The Encyclopedia of Contemporary Italian Poets' features biographies, photos as well as poems by influential Italian poets in 2020.
Alti Publishing in Italy will soon release the book for online sale on key book websites such as Amazon for € 39.
Earlier, classical works of Persian poetry, such as translations of Ferdowsi's Shahnameh', 'Divan of Hafez', Saadi’s books and Rubáiyát of Khayyam’ had been published in Italy. This is the first time that the name of an Iranian poet is listed alongside the Italian poets and published in Italy.
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