IBNA- A book by English political philosopher John Gray titled ‘Hayek on Liberty’ which ‎considers the ideas and work of noted Austrian philosopher and economist Friedrich von ‎Hayek has been published in Persian.‎
‎‘Hayek on Liberty’, delves into noted Austrian philosopher’s ideas
Rendered into Persian by veteran Iranian translator Khashayar Daihimi, the book which is the 3rd edition published in 1998 has been released by No Publishing in Tehran in 248 pages and 1100 copies. Friedrich August von Hayek stated on this book: “The first survey of my work which not only fully understands but is able to carry on my ideas beyond the point at which I left off."

‘Hayek on Liberty’ is a concise yet exhaustive and provocative study of this classic liberal philosopher. It examines the structure and impact of Hayek's system of ideas and locates his position within Western philosophy. Not available since the 1980s, this updated 3rd edition contains a substantial new chapter in which Gray assesses how far the historical development of the last ten years can be deployed in a critique of Hayek's thought. Gray's reassessment is not only a provoking study of a classical philosopher; it is also a timely contribution to the debate over the future of conservatism.
Hayek shared the 1974 Nobel Memorial Prize in Economic Sciences with Gunnar Myrdal for his "pioneering work in the theory of money and economic fluctuations and  penetrating analysis of the interdependence of economic, social and institutional phenomena"
John Gray has written several influential books, including ‘False Dawn: The Delusions of Global Capitalism’ (1998), which argues that free market globalization is an unstable Enlightenment project currently in the process of disintegration; ‘Straw Dogs: Thoughts on Humans and Other Animals’ (2003), which attacks philosophical humanism, a worldview which Gray sees as originating in religions; and ‘Black Mass: Apocalyptic Religion and the Death of Utopia’ (2007), a critique of utopian thinking in the modern world.
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