IBNA- Women's fiction, 'One Minute to Midnight' by Zimbabwe-born British author ‎Paula Hawkins, a light and engaging book on human feelings and friendship has been ‎published in Persian and is available in Iranian bookstores. ‎
Paula Hawkins
With her pen name Amy Silver, Hawkins published this book in 2011. 'One Minute to Midnight' has been translated into Persian by Parisa Rezaei and released by Eejaz Publishing in Tehran in 316 pages and 700 copies.
Persian translator Rezaei says on the work: “This novel is one of those books that may not be judged by the cover. Seemingly a simple book, it grabs the reader's attention as he/she cannot easily put it aside. This is a very emotional book about love, hope, constant friendships in teen years, the feeling of insecurity as a result of living in troubled families, the loss of loved ones and death.”
Nicole Blake's New Year Resolutions, 1990:1. Start keeping a journal; 2. Lose half a stone; 3. Kiss Julian SymondsIf there are two things Nicole can guarantee about New Years Eve. It’s that there are always fireworks and Julian Symonds is always there. Since she was thirteen, no New Year has been complete without Jules.
Through school, university and beyond, as friends come and go, Nic and Jules are at the center of every party. Until one year everything changes... Now, as another New Year approaches, Nicole has ghosts to lay and bridges to build - with her husband Dom, with her best friend Alex, and with Aidan, the man who earlier broke her heart. Life is about to change again for Nicole, and once the fireworks are over and the dust has settled, this time she is determined it will be for the better.
Paula Hawkins is best known for her best-selling psychological thriller novel ‘The Girl on the Train’ (2015), which deals with themes of domestic violence, alcohol, and drug abuse. The novel was adapted into a film starring Emily Blunt in 2016. Hawkins' second thriller novel, ‘Into the Water’, was released in 2017.
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