IBNA- Veteran Iranian writer, translator, linguist and script expert Iraj Kaboli passed ‎away. He was 82. ‎
Iraj Kaboli ‎
Iraj Kaboli ‎
Kaboli has ten books in his career as author and translator. His last book is ‘Requiem’ by Anna Akhmatova. The year 2020 was a prolific year for Kabli, as two of his books, ‘Complete Grammar of Avesta’ and translation of the novel ‘Eugene Onegin’ by Alexander Pushkin.   
Born in 1938 in a Zoroastrian family in Kerman, Kaboli came to Tehran for his high school and pursued his education there at Alborz High School.
His passion for languages led him to learn several languages and he started to translate from English and Russian. He also a friend and associate of leading poet Ahmad Shamloo, a member of the Iranian Writers' Association and a member of the Council for Revising the Orthography of the Persian Language. He was also a member of Board of Trustees of Houshang Golshiri Foundation.
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