IBNA- Iranian book illustrator Ghazal Fathollahi has been selected one the 10 best ‎illustrators of the COW International Design Festival in Ukraine. ‎
Iranian Illustrator at Ukrainian COW Design Fest
Fathollahi has been picked for her work in 'You're a Tourist' by Sharzad Shahrjerdi which is centered on the story of a brother and a sister who are forced to leave their home as well as their country and travel across the world.
To withstand the journey ahead, the brother who is older puts his hat on his sister’s head and calls her a tourist and their journey for survival sets off.
'You're a Tourist' was published in 2019 by the children and young adults department of Fatemi Publishing (Touti).
Earlier in 2018, Iranian book illustrators Narjes Mohammadi and Mohammad-Hossein Matak were selected at COW International Design Festival.
The festival is held in various categories Illustration, Book Design, Graphic Design, Product Design, Interior Design and Fashion Design.
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