IBNA- With a preface by Jean-Claude Carrière, an anthology of contemporary Persian ‎literature featuring 17 short stories titled 'Amours Persanes' (Persian Loves) has recently ‎been released by the French Gallimard Publishing.‎
Gallimard publishes collection of contemporary Persian short stories in ‎France
Written by Iranian authors from three generations, these short stories, which are themed on love have been compiled by Nasim Vahabi and Ali-Reza Gholami and translated into French by Julie Duvigneau and Massoumeh Lahidji.
The editors of this anthology state that they were informed of the variety and a large quantity of works by Iranian authors, and naturally the collection is not comprehensive,  as it could contain many other Persian short stories which are missed.
Except for four stories in the 'Amours Persanes' collection, no other stories had been published before. The book took three years to be compiled, translated and published.
Nine writers in this anthology are not currently living in Iran. The entire authors’ names and current places of residence are as follows:
Mehrnoosh Mazar'ei (USA), Houshang Moradi Kermani (Iran), Fereshteh Molavi (Canada), Amir Hossein Cheheltan (Iran), Shahriar Mandanipour (USA), Gita Garakani (Iran), Nahal Tajaddod (France), Javad Javaheri (France), Fariba Wafi (Iran).
Namdar Nasser (Sweden), Nasim Vahabi (France), Peyman Esma’eili (Australia), Maria Tabrizpour (Germany), Ali-Reza Gholami (Iran), Amir Khodaverdi (Iran), Ahmad Hassanzadeh (Iran) and Nasim Mar’ashi (Iran) are the rest.
The stories are arranged based on the age, past records and background of the author, and any story is accompanied by a brief introduction of the author.
Story Code : 302924
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