IBNA- A meticulous exploration in epidemiology, the book 'The Rules of Contagion Why Things Spread-And Why They Stop' (2020) by Adam Kucharski has been published in Persian and is available in Iranian bookstores.
Acclaimed by various journals as one of the Best Science Books of 2020, the book is an utterly timely look at why the science of outbreaks is the science of modern life. 'The Rules of Contagion' has been rendered into Persian by Ali Mo'azemi. Cheshmeh, a key publisher in Tehran has released the book in 402 pages and 700 copies.
These days, whenever anything spreads, whether it's a YouTube fad or a political rumor, we say it went viral. But how does virality actually work? In 'The Rules of Contagion', epidemiologist Adam Kucharski explores topics including gun violence, online manipulation, and, of course, outbreaks of disease to show how much we get wrong about contagion, and how astonishing the real science is.
Why did the president retweet a Mussolini quote as his own? Why do financial bubbles take off so quickly? Why are disinformation campaigns so effective? And what makes the emergence of new illnesses- such as MERS, SARS, or the coronavirus disease COVID-19- so challenging? By uncovering the crucial factors driving outbreaks, we can see how things really spread- and what we can do about it.
Whether you are an author seeking an audience, a defender of truth, or simply someone interested in human social behavior, 'The Rules of Contagion' is an essential guide to modern life.
Adam Kucharski is an associate professor and a Sir Henry Dale fellow at the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine, where he works on analysis of infectious disease outbreaks. He is also the author of 'The Perfect Bet'.
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