IBNA- 'Solitude: In Pursuit of a Singular Life in a Crowded World' by Canadian author ‎Michael Harris, a statement on the transformative power of being alone has been ‎rendered into Persian and published. ‎
Canadian author
This book by Harris, an acclaimed author suggests that we cannot be fully human unless our minds are free to wander particularly as our digital culture accelerates into the unknown. 'Solitude: In Pursuit of a Singular Life in a Crowded World' has been translated into Persian by Saman Shahraki and released by Khazeh Publishing in 224 pages.  
Solitude- when pursued by choice- can allow us time to improve our core identity and enhance both our productivity and our creative output. While the ever-growing presence of technology in our lives has undoubtedly allowed us to connect with the world in ways never before possible, our dependence on online and social media has created an ecosystem of obsessive distraction. And yet for all that connection, there is still a pervasive sense of loneliness.
Rich with stories and psychological insights, renowned author Michael Harris makes his case for the need to reclaim the ability to be alone, and the tangible benefits that can be yielded from such a practice. Firm in his conviction yet kind in his encouragement, Harris reminds us that building strong and meaningful relationships in the world around us can only begin when we build a strong and meaningful relationship with ourselves- and it begins by embracing solitude.
Michael Harris is also the author of ‘The End of Absence’, which won the Governor General’s Literary Award and became a national bestseller. He writes about media, civil liberties, and the arts, for dozens of publications, including The Washington Post, Wired, Salon, The Huffington Post, and The Globe & Mail.
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