IBNA- The dark novel, 'The Execution of Justice' (1985) by leading Swiss author ‎‎Friedrich Dürrenmatt which criticizes the elements of the legal system has been ‎translated into Persian and published. ‎
Pondering the nature of justice, this book by Dürrenmatt with the original title of ‘Justiz’ has been translated into Persian by veteran Iranian translator of German literature Mahmoud Hosseinizad. Borj Publishing in Tehran has released the book in 200 pages and 1000 copies.
A captivating neo-noir classic from one of the masters of the genre, 'The Execution of Justice' tells the story of an attorney who is tasked to reinvestigate a man sentenced for murder.
The slain is a respected professor shot in a crowded Zurich restaurant, in front of dozens of witnesses. The murderer calmly turned himself in to the police. So why has he now hired a lawyer to clear his name? And why has he chosen the drink-soaked, disreputable Spät to defend him?
As he investigates, Spät finds himself obsessed, drawn ever deeper into a case of baffling complexity until he reaches a deadly conclusion: justice can be restored only by a crime.
‘The Execution of Justice’ is a dark, wicked satire on the legal system and a disturbing, if ambivalent, allegory on guilt, justice, violence and morality. The novel was adapted into the 1993 film Justice, directed by Hans W. Geißendörfer.
Story Code : 301557
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